When Does FFXIV’s ‘Island Sanctuary’ Farming Sim Content Release? Answered


FFXIV fans have been eager to know when the new farming sim feature “Island Sanctuary” comes out in the game. Here’s the answer.

FFXIV fans have been eager to know when the new farming sim-like feature “Island Sanctuary” comes out in the game, and Square Enix has finally provided more details. Here’s everything we know so far about the release date of this single-player content for Final Fantasy XIV that will let you settle on your own island.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Release Date

The Island Sanctuary content will release in update 6.2., which will be launch on August 23.

You will need to have completed the 6.0 storyline (basically the Endwalker expansion) in order to gain access to your own Island Sanctuary.

What’s New in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary?

The Island Sanctuary feature will let you take ownership of an entire instanced island and use it as your private farming sim.

You can gather materials that are island-specific and have a dedicated inventory. You can then use these materials to craft that will help you gather more effectively.

You can grow crops from dedicated seeds, capture various creatures and care for them, including unique animals and various color variations. Each animal can be named.

You can build your very own base of operations, customize its appearance and unlock tools for its further development. Then you can release your favorite minions and let them wander around freely.

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There is also a commercial element as you can create handicrafts that you can then export and sell for island-specific currency to NPCs.

Of course, you can also use the island simply to socialize, inviting friends and free company members to visit.

The island is massive and you’re able to earn currency that will let you purchase rewards including mounts and glamors. You can see two examples below.

For now, this is everything you need to know about FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary feature and its release date. The wait for Final Fantasy XIV’s very own farming simulator content won’t be long.

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