Where to Find Bulma in Fortnite & What She Sells


The tiny island with Kame House makes not only finding Bulma tricky, but it makes you an easy target when buying from her.

Now that the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event has begun, the island has received a couple of changes to incorporate the anime. This includes the addition of a certain blue-haired scientist. Here’s where to find Bulma in Fortnite and what she is selling.

Fortnite Bulma Location

You will want to take note of where Kame House has been placed on the map. You’ll find it in the very far east, at just about the limit of the map close to the rest of the islands here.

Kame House Location on Map

Bulma will be wandering around Kame House and you only have to talk to her to see what she has available.

Bulma at Kame House

Seeing as the island Kame House sits on is incredibly small, you’re pretty exposed while speaking to Bulma, so it’s best to be quick.

What Does Bulma Sell in Fortnite?

Bulma sells both the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud mythic items.

Buying Nimbus Cloud from Bulma

Both cost 250 gold bars, which is pretty cheap considering the usual price for items of mythic rarity.

Buying Kamehameha from Bulma

Bulma also has a stock limit and will only sell you two of each item per match. It’s in your best interest to buy what you came for and go due to the current popularity of Kame House.

That is everything you need to know about where to find Bulma in Fortnite and what she is selling. We have plenty more Fortnite x Dragon Ball guides on the way, so be sure to stick around. We also have a handy guide showing off all the new Dragon Ball cosmetics added.

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