Where to Get Crystalline Cyst Dust in Genshin Impact


Here is how to get Crystalline Cyst Dust in Genshin Impact.

Another update for Genshin Impact means another round of hunting for ascension materials for characters and weapons. While some can be a cinch to find, others can drive you mad with how little of the stuff you can seem to find. Crystalline Cyst Dust can definitely be one of these materials, which is why we’ve constructed this guide on where to get Crystalline Cyst Dust in Genshin Impact.

How to Find Crystalline Cyst Dust in Genshin Impact

You’ll be able to use a couple of different methods to get Crystalline Cyst Dust in Genshin Impact. The first and most straightforward is to defeat Fungi enemies who are at level 60 or higher.

The material can drop from any variant of Sumeru’s Fungi enemies so long as they’re in the appropriate level range, too, so you can have a wide swath of different areas to go to for farming. We had the best luck with the smaller variants of Fungi, as they were the easiest to defeat quickly.

Likewise, you can craft Crystalline Cyst Dust using 3 Luminescent Pollen and 50 Mora. Luminescent Pollen can be obtained by defeating level 40 or higher Fungi enemies, while Mora should be overflowing out of your pockets after a few skirmishes or opened treasure chests.

By utilizing these methods, you should have plenty of Crystalline Cyst Dust in only a few short play sessions and can put them to good use in no time.

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What Crystalline Cyst Dust is Used for

As for what those uses are, it’s pretty straightforward. Crystalline Cyst Dust is a key component in leveling the talent of specific characters, triggering certain characters’ ascension and triggering the ascension of select weapons. In particular, it will be needed to ascend the new character Tighnari and improve his Talent, as well as for the ascension of the player character and their Dendro talent.

Counting the total you’d need for both their level ascensions and their Talent improvements, you’ll need 67 pieces per character and 134 pieces of Crystalline Cyst Dust overall to cover them both.

The weapons that will need it for ascension, meanwhile, are the End of the Line bow and Fruit of Fulfillment catalyst. Crystalline Cyst Dust is needed for their late-stage upgrades, and you’ll need 72 pieces in total to cover both weapons’ Crystalline Cyst Dust requirements. The upgrades are all well worth the time investment, though, so rest assured that it’ll be time well spent.

Hopefully this cleared up where to get Crystalline Cyst Dust in Genshin Impact. For more on the game, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got plenty of guides related to the latest update and its content, including how to get the Head Mushroom, where to get Padisarah, and where to get Harra Fruit.

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