Where To Get Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact


A Sumeru specialty that you will need to harvest.

The Nilotpala Lotus is a special flower that can only be found in the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact. This local specialty will grow near the banks of rivers and lakes. The flower is a rich golden color and rests on a bed of blue flowers. It is easy to spot as it grows on large green lilypads in the water. The Nilotpala, or Lunar, Lotus will bloom at night, the blue and golden leaves unfolding under the light of the moon.

That said, it can be picked at any time of the day and does not require a special elemental interaction, unlike some other plants in the game.

What is the Nilotpala Lotus used for?

The Nilotpala is required to upgrade the character Tighnari and is also used to create the Dendroculus Resonance Stones. These stones are used to help players track down the exact locations of the Dendroculus that are scattered all over the Sumeru region.

Nilotpala Lotus Locations in Genshin Impact

North Avidya Forest

The best place to find the Nilotpala Lotus is around the Palace of Alcazarary in the northern area of the Avidya Forst. There are dozens of the plants to pick here, scatted all along the banks of the rivers that flow to and from the palace.

Chinvat Ravine

The Chinvat Ravine to the southeast of Sumeru City is home to small number of Lunar Lotus that are easy to find and harvest.

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Devantaka Mountain near Vimara Village

In the river south of the Vimara Village, and to the southeast of the village in the Devantaka Mountains, you will find another dozen or so of the Nilotpala Lotus.

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