Who are the members of the Gunn Club in AEW?

Gunn Club is one of the most popular and unique stables in AEW, but who are the members of the Gunn Club?

There are many professional wrestling stables in the modern Wrestling era, but nothing like Gunn Club. This stable is unlike other tag teams as it resembles the WWE stable “The Bloodline”. They are bonded by blood, but unlike the Bloodline, they are not cousins.

the gunn club
AEW Gunn Cub (Twitter)

Gunn Club consists of three members a father and his two sons. The leader of this stable is Billy Gunn, a former WWE star and a veteran of the professional wrestling industry. Gunn made his pro wrestling debut in 1985. He is popularly known for being a legendary stable D-Generation X member. 

This stable was initially started with two members, Gunn and his son Austin Gunn. Austin made his wrestling debut in 2019 with Ring of Honor. Just a year later, he went on to join AEW. His other son found his way to wrestling through AEW only and hasn’t wrestled for any promotion. 

This club’s debut came in with the debut of Austin in January 2020, when he had his first match along with his father on AEW Dark. But sadly for him, he got injured and was absent for 11 months.

By the time Austin returned, Colten had already made his first appearance on AEW. When Colten made his in-ring debut on 11th November 2020 along with Austin and Gunn and completed the whole stable of Gunn Club. 

Road Dogg comments on the Gunn Club’s role in AEW 

Road Dogg recently appeared with WrestleZone. He spoke about Austin and Colten Gunn and mentioned his former tag team partner. That how cool it is to see him wrestle with his sons. 

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The Gunn Club
Billly, Austin and Colten Gunn (Twitter)

“I had no idea they ever wanted to be professional wrestlers,” Road Dogg said. “The coolest thing — I’m getting goosebumps talking about it right now, the coolest thing in the world for me was to get to wrestle my father. TNA gave me that opportunity, and WWE gave me the opportunity to induct him into the Hall of Fame. (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

“Things like that are real in a world that’s not so real. I couldn’t be more proud of his children, I know he is too and I know he’s having a blast. He talks about his boys and they’re really good, they’re learning how to work. It’s not to have uncle Dave give them a 5-star match, it’s to be entertaining and entertain people, and to me, that’s the name of the game.”

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