Who is Jonathan R. Moody? What happened at the Gorge amphitheater EDM festival?

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What happened at the Gorge amphitheater? Who is Jonathan R. Moody?

Reports say that citizens and security witnessed suspicious activity on Friday evening, at around 9 p.m. they were notified about a man who was in the parking lot.

Witnesses saw him inhaling something from one balloon and then loading two pistols of 9mm hidden inside his car trunk. The man was identified as Jonathan R. Moody, a 30 years old man from Ephrata. He even went to concert-goers asking what time it will end and from where people will exit the venue.

Although, security at the venue didn’t let Moody through and he was detained outside, loaded with two 9mm pistols. No one got injured. After an investigation by Deputies arrested him on unlawful & dangerous weapons carrying charges. Moody is currently arrested in Grant County Jail.

What was Jonathan R. Moody’s intention?

The electronic dance music (EDM) festival, a concert series of Bass Canyon, was playing at the Gorge on Friday evening which was sold out, which means around 25,000 people were attending the event. Deputies in Grant County believe they’ve stopped a possible shooter, Jonathan R. Moody’s who seems to have intentions of committing mass killing at the Gorge Amphitheater. 

The sheriff’s office has emphasized reporting any suspicious activity that people may observe.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office shared in a Facebook post “Citizens saw something completely out of place for the circumstances and notified security, who in turn notified deputies.” They added, “That combination of situational awareness along with noticing “something does not fit” resulted in a possible tragedy being prevented.”

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What is the EDM festival at Gorge Amphitheatre?

The Bass Canyon’s , Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festival was three days of non-stop bass music featuring Excision and camping of friends for three nights at the gorgeous Gorge Amphitheater in Washington.

Check out the EDM festival teaser below!

The Bass Canyon expressed their gratitude to concertgoers who reported the suspect to security and authorities, they also said they appreciated everyone handling this situation responsibly!

The Gorge amphitheater is a popular destination for EDM festivals. Further, the Sheriff’s Office for Grant County has shared, that the quick response of citizens and security has helped in the arrest of the Ephrata man, which prevented what could have been a big tragedy. They added, that people must remember to speak up if they see something suspicious.

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