Who Is the Girl Thor Is Kissing in Thor: Love & Thunder?


Just who is the blue-haired pirate girl and wolf lady?

Before all of the frantic action of Thor: Love and Thunder gets underway, there’s a brief scene where Thor can be seen kissing a random, blue-haired girl, but who exactly she is isn’t actually explored in the runtime of the movie. This guide will run you through everything we know about them, so you can get an idea of who this mystery woman in Thor’s life actually is.

Thor: Love and Thunder takes Marvel fans on another rollercoaster ride with the lovable, laid-back God as he embarks on a quest for inner peace. Sadly, this all gets interrupted as Gorr, the God Butcher shows up and seeks the extinction of Gods across the universe.

***Fair warning that the Jane section of the article does have heavy spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, be sure to come back to that after you have.***

Who’s the Blue-Haired Girl Thor Kisses?

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We’ve got to give you a bit of bad news here, as the girl Thor locks lips with isn’t anyone significant or particularly noteworthy within the MCU. She’s just a random blue-haired pirate girl who is a part of Korg’s recap story.

If you feel like she looks familiar, it’s because the actress playing said brief romantic interest of the God of Thunder is Zia Kelly, who played an Inmate and Ferguson’s Mother in TV series Wentworth Prison. She’s also had more minor roles in Upgrade, Night Shift, and TV series Preacher.

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Who’s the Wolf Girl Thor Romances on the Back of a Wolf?

Thor’s just a lady’s man in Love and Thunder, and it turns out he doesn’t just keep his random flings to the aforementioned pirate girl. He also ends up having a romantic fling with a Wolf Girl on the back of a female wolf, but, again, there’s no significance to who this character is.

The Wolf Girl is played by Elsa Pataky, who played Elena in the Fast & Furious movies, and has also played Maria in Snakes on a Plane.

Are Thor and Jane Still Together?

When Thor and Jane Foster meet back up in Thor: Love and Thunder it has been eight years since they’ve split up. During the movie, we get a bit more exposition on why the breakup happened.

While they’re able to find love in the movie for a little bit of time, even kissing again, it is short-lived. Unfortunately, Jane dies of cancer at the end of the movie, and can be seen in Valhalla during the post-credits, meaning that the couple can no longer be together, despite rekindling the romance halfway through the film.

That is everything you need to know about who Thor is kissing in Thor: Love and Thunder. For more info on the movie, be sure to check out all the related articles we’ve got for it down below.

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