Who was Dan Rapoport? The Putin-Critic American Investor Found Dead in Washington DC

Latvian-American millionaire Dan Rapoport was found dead in Washington DC last Sunday. The police suspect that he jumped to death and investigating a case of suicide. Read on to know who was Dan Rapoport and what happened to him.

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Rapoport was an investment banker and financial executive by profession. He was a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin after he was exiled from Russia in 2012. He also owned a nightclub in Moscow.

The co-founder of his nightclub, Sergey Tkachenko, died in Moscow around five years ago in a similar fashion. He was seen dangling from an apartment in Moscow and fell by accident as seen in the viral clip coming from the security cameras.

Dan Rapoport was found dead on Sunday, August 14, in Washington DC

Dan Rapoport, 54, was found in front of an apartment building on the sidewalk in Georgetown district’s 2400 M Apartments front just before 6 PM on Sunday, August 14, 2024. The Metropolitan Police Department responded to reports of a jumper in the area.

Mr. Rapoport was given first aid at the scene by ambulance staff and taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead as per the statement given to The Independent by the MPD.

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MPD spokeswoman Brianna Burch stated that the death remains under active investigation and it’s presumed as suicide. “We do not suspect foul play at this time,” she said.

The police have also found a cracked cellphone, eyeglasses, a Florida driver’s license, and $2,620 in cash along with Mr. Rapoport’s body.

Dan Rapoport’s Wife Alena claims that her Husband’s Death Wasn’t a Suicide

It was reported that Rapoport earlier sent his dog, Boy, free with a “suicide note and cash” stuck to him to let others know that he is about to commit the horrifying act. However, his wife-turned-wide Alena, says that he did not kill himself and that there was no note.

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The dog was found at a nearby park following Rapoport’s fall but there wasn’t a suicide note affixed to the pet dog. “There were no notes, no suicide, no trip to London, no departure,” Alena told Russian business news channel RBC.

Previously, the initial report of Dan Rapoport’s death was announced on Telegram by Yuniya Pugacheva, an ex-editor of the Russian edition of Tatler Magazine. She alleged that a suicide note was affixed to his pet dog.

Pugacheva also alleged that she saw Rapoport at a London bar in May and that his wife had left him at that time. This further sparked controversy and the police are currently investigating all the angles surrounding the case.

Who was Dan Rapoport?

Dan Rapoport was an American investor and financial executive born in Riga, Latvia, in 1968. The country was still in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR at that time. Rapoport’s family emigrated to the United States after receiving political asylum and settled in Houston, Texas, in 1980.

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Rapoport graduated from the University of Houston in 1991 and earned an MBA degree from Middlesex University in London in 2015. He returned to Russia after graduation and started working as a financial analyst for Phibro Energy.

He remained in the country and worked in corporate finance, brokerage, and investment banking. Rapoport also owned a Soho Rooms nightclub in Moscow. Later, he returned to the U.S. and married Irina.

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From 2016 to early 2024, he was residing in Kyiv, Ukraine, with his second wife Alena, and his daughter. However, he returned to Washington DC as the war broke out between Ukraine and Russia. He had sent his Ukraine native wife and daughter to Denmark.

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Dan Rapoport was very vocal against Putin and the War in Ukraine

Dan Rapoport was exiled from Russia in June 2012 due to his support for Russia’s democratic opposition, specifically for his support of Alexei Navalny, an outspoke yet tolerated campaigner against Putin

Rapoport was also very outspoken about his criticisms of the Russian government and President Putin. He was against the war in Ukraine. He reportedly returned to Ukraine after evacuating his wife and daughter to help the country.

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After returning to the U.S, he ran his own Rapoport Capital fund where he served as the Director of Fundraising Advisory. He was also involved as a Startup Mentor with Newchip Accelerator.

After relocating to Kyiv, he sold his Washington DC home in 2017 which then served as the home for Ivanka Trump and her family.

We will keep you updated as the case develops further. We send our condolences to the family of the businessman. May God let the departed soul rest easy.

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