Why Are Competitive Valorant Queues Disabled?


How long Valorant servers take to come back online.

Ranked games are at the core of the Valorant experience, and when so naturally, when they’re not available to play, everyone is wondering why the competitive Valorant queue is disabled. Here’s what we know about the issue, which is currently preventing anybody from playing the game’s competitive mode.

Why Are Competitive Valorant Queues Disabled? Answered

The launch of small mid-Act patches doesn’t typically require Riot Games to disable Valorant’s Competitive servers, but the launch of Patch 5.03 appears to be a special case. That’s probably because it features a core update to Valorant’s game engine.

How Long Is Valorant Server Maintenance? Answered

The server will be down for just a short period of time, no longer than 10-50 minutes; the actual time of day it’s down, though, will be different depending on which region you’re playing the game. In Europe, for example, the maintenance has already ceased and servers are back online.

Server maintenance is something that occasionally happens randomly if there’s a bug or glitch with the game. Occasionally, the development team encounters unexpected issues after the launch of a new patch. That seems to have been the case with one particular bug that is causing some serious voice chat problems.

If you look at the top-left-hand corner of the menu screen when attempting to enter a competitive lobby, you will actually see a reference to whatever the issue is at hand. Riot typically makes note of any issues such as this on its Twitter channel, too. For example, back in March there was a voice chat bug:

As you can see in the above Twitter thread, initially, Riot was confident it could sort out the issue in a matter of hours, but then later said the problem would take longer.

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That’s everything there is to know about why the competitive Valorant queue is disabled. For more Valorant content, why not read our latest editorial about why deathmatch is somehow worse despite recent changes? You can also check out the full list of patch notes for the game’s most recent update here.

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