World Maritime Day: 49+ Messages and quotes

World Maritime Day is celebrated worldwide every year, usually in the last week of September. This day came into recognition in 1978 as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) started to observe it to show the whole world the importance of shipping and its importance to the world’s economy. 

Grand National Messages

-World Maritime day is a day to explore the world beyond the seas and oceans and recognize the importance of shipping.

-Shipping with safety is the prime motto of World Maritime Day; the safety of the goods and services is the prime concern of shipping companies.

-A day to know the marine life, life beyond the seas, and the livelihoods maintained by shipping and maritime industries.

-The World Maritime Day aims at the knowledge of Marine safety among people and its security and protection.

-World Maritime Day is an opportunity for the people to know the maritime industry’s values to the current world scenario and celebrate the achievements of marine life and shipping. 

-The marine industry has contributed a lot to trade and communication among countries and brought the world closer.

-Celebrate the World Maritime Day to get information about many developments brought by the maritime industry.

-Maritime Industry has long been known in history for bridging the gap between continents, countries, cities, and towns, bringing people from all around closer to each other and leading the path for development.

-Not only in world trade but also in the marine industry has significantly contributed to shaping world history, changing the lives of people forever.

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-On the eve of World Maritime day, it is essential for all the people and the younger generation to know the significance of marine life, marine industry, and its impact in today’s world. 

-The World Maritime day is an event of Global observance, and it should be celebrated with all the people by sharing knowledge about maritime safety, maritime importance, and it’s impacted in the lives of people and generation.

-Celebrate the World Maritime day with young people and adults, know the significance of maritime security and visit a museum of Maritime history, helping all the people know about the bright minds behind this remarkable invention.

-The Marine industry has brought remarkable changes in its methods and developments, making transport of goods and services safer and more comfortable.

-Celebrate the massive success of safer and more comfortable travel and communication of goods across seas and celebrate World Maritime Day.

-Over time, many international companies have set up business in maritime industries, bringing in new safety and better shipping measures. 

-World Maritime Day celebrates such better dimensions brought by International Trading companies.

-The general public should happily celebrate World Maritime Day in public events concerning maritime safety and precautions, sharing knowledge about the naval industry.

-Thank you to all the hard-working employees in maritime industries on the eve of World Maritime Day for your valuable contribution to the world economy and development.

World Maritime Day quotes

-“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.”

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