World Turtle Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes to Loved Ones

In order to save and protect tortoises and turtles, American Tortoise Rescue in 2000 announced 23rd May as World Turtle Day. The aim behind sponsoring this day was to bring more attention and spread knowledge about turtles and tortoises amongst people in order to save them. Take a step forward to save these cute little creatures which need our help. Send sweet Turtle Day messages to your loved ones to make it a meaningful day for everyone.

We bring to you the most amazing collection of Turtle Day messages, Wishes, Greetings, Turtle Status, Turtle Quotes and greetings to send as warm wishes to family and friends on Whatspp and Facebook. Get the best Turtle Day text messages now!!!

Beautiful World Turtle Day Messages

1. Let us save the little turtles by showing our responsibility as a human…. Let us work hard to save these species from becoming extinct. Let us celebrate the World Turtle Day together.

2. World Turtle Day is just the reminder to all of us that we must focus on creating more awareness about turtles and contribute our small way by saving their lives…. Warm wishes to you on this day.

3. We have grown seeing these cute animals around us and now it is our responsibility to make sure that our coming generations also get to see them and love them…. Best wishes on World Turtle Day to you.

4. Whenever you go to a beach, always remember that every trash discarded by you in the sea will lead to the death of turtles…. Don’t be a killer, be a savior!!!! Happy Turtle Day to you.

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5. God has made humans as the most intelligent and powerful and therefore, we must take care of other species like turtles who might extinct if not taken care…. Wishing you a very Happy World Turtle Day.

6. Let us join hands in saving the turtles and tortoises by saving their habitat and by providing them a clean and green environment to grow….. Sending my best wishes to you on World Turtle Day.

7. We, the humans are the ones responsible for all the dirt around and poor turtles have to suffer because of our deeds…. They are dying and they are losing their natural habitats because of us… On the occasion of World Turtle Day, let us promise to be more vigilant and careful.

8. We can all contribute in small ways in saving the lives of turtles in the world…. Not polluting our environment is the only step which can bring about a big change…. Let us make World Turtle Day more meaningful by taking these small steps.

9. We are the reasons these turtles will extinct soon if we don’t pay attention to the alarming situation….. We need to save their homes and save their lives so that our coming generations can play with them and love them like we do…. Happy World Turtle Day.

10. Turtles are surely one of the cutest animals we have seen…. They are to be adored and they don’t deserve to get killed because of inhumane activities…. Make World Turtle Day more meaningful by pledging to save their lives.

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