WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades, 26 Apr 2024: Joe Gacy takes out Bron Breakker once again

WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades: The Viking Raiders return to NXT and pick up an impressive win

Let’s start with the NXT results for 26 April: Roxanne Perez lost to Mandy Rose after putting in a great effort.

NXT results
NXT results

Nikkita Lyons versus Lash Legend

Lash took control of the match when she dumped Lyons to the floor. A backsplash to knock Nikkita down she tried returning in.

Towards the end of the match, Nikkita delivered a 450 roundhouse kick to perfection to pick up another victory over Legend.

Result – Nikkita Lyons beat Lash Legend

Grade – B

Natalya came out to the ring and unleashed a beatdown on Lyons with Legend for company. Cora Jade came out to make the save. Natalya was about to blindside her until Lyons got back and took out the BOAT.

In the gym, Roderick Strong cuts a promo with the rest of Diamond Mine in tow. He tells everyone to be ready for anyone at any time. He also informed the Creed Brothers that he has set up a match for them against a world-class team next week and that team is the Viking Raiders.

Tony D’Angelo versus Von Wagner

Tony with a Manhattan Drop but Wagner recovered to take him out to the floor and slammed him. He followed it up with a spinebuster and fireman’s carry but D’Angelo fought back with elbows.

Legado del Fantasma came into the fray but were stopped in their tracks by D’Angelo’s suited henchmen. Santos Escobar, however, managed to take Tony’s knee out with a steel pipe, and by the time the latter could get back in the ring, Wagner delivered a lariat to win the match.

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Result – Von Wagner beat Tony D’Angelo

Grade – B

Backstage, Toxic Attraction and the trio of Roxanne Perez, Indi Hartwell, and Persia Pirotta were arguing about Roxanne’s win over Jacy Jayne last week. Roxanne said she will be more than happy to prove that her win was no fluke.

Mandy Rose said she will teach her the difference between a champion and someone who only dreams to become a champion.

Briggs and Jensen were backstage along with Fallon Henley and the latter said she will take care of business with Elektra Lopez. A girl passes by and Brooks and Jensen got distracted before Josh Briggs got them back.

Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward were out and newcomer Nathan Frazer was making his entrance when Grayson Waller ruined the party. Waller trashed Chase U and Frazer before Nathan came and delivered a missile dropkick and followed it up with a dive to the outside.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance versus Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz

Carter dragged Feroz into the corner after lifting her and Chance hit a splash. Chance climbed the apron but was taken off it.

Carter was alone in the ring until Chance managed to come back and make a tag that her opponents didn’t notice. The two women delivered the 450 splash combo to pick up the victory.

Result – Kayden Carter and Katana Chance beat Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz

Grade – B

Brooks Jensen was attacked backstage and Briggs was irate as he went on the lookout for who did it.

Legado del Fantasma versus Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley

Briggs attacked Legado during their entrance. Back in the ring, Henley and Elektra got us underway. Robert Stone came out to the announce desk and hinted at Wagner being the one who took out Jensen earlier.

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Briggs got hit with a missile dropkick. Wilde and Del Toro executed the double-team leg sweep to pick up the win in a high-octane clash.

Result – Legado del Fantasma beat Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley

Grade – B

Solo Sikoa versus Trick Williams

The NXT North American champion Cameron Grimes was on commentary for this match. Williams focused his attack on Solo’s strapped shoulder. He continued wearing Sikoa down until the Grimes’ next challenger fought back.

A few shoulder tackles from Sikoa followed by a powerslam. Sikoa, however, got hit with a roundhouse kick and a dropkick followed by a variation of the neckbreaker.

In the end, Sikoa got fired up after Trick tried to focus on his injured shoulder once again. A Samoan drop followed by a frog splash for the win.

Result – Solo Sikoa beat Trick Williams

Grade – C

After the match, Grimes and Sikoa came face to face but Carmelo Hayes pushed Sikoa away to get into Grimes’ face. Sikoa went for the superkick on Hayes but he ducked out and Grimes got hit. Sikoa exited the ring as a frustrated Grimes looked on.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade versus The Viking Raiders

Enofe delivered some dropkicks to Erik and Ivar before tagging in Blade. The Vikings took out both men in a jiffy. Erik hit a knee to the face of Enofe.

Blade got hit with the combined powerbomb finisher by the Vikings to win the match as it was a successful homecoming for the tag team from SmackDown.

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Result – Viking Raiders beat Edris Enofe and Malik Blade versus The Viking Raiders

Grade – C

Tony D’Angelo introduced two of his goons and they were Troy “2 Dimes” Donovan and Channing Lorenzo.

Mandy Rose versus Roxanne Perez

This was a contest between Mandy’s strength and Roxanne’s quickness. The newcomer got many near falls with roll-ups but Mandy managed to kick out every time. There was an instance when Mandy was trash-talking with her finger pointed toward Perez. The youngster had a bite at her finger and later she slammed the fingers of the champion onto the steel steps. Back after the commercial break, Mandy took control as she hit a spinebuster and locked Roxanne in submission to wear her down.

The veteran continued her assault as she delivered a Powerslam but Roxanne finally mustered some offense as she took out the champion with a dive off the top rope followed by a Russian leg sweep and some innovative offense for a two count. In the end, a jumping knee took Roxanne out as the Toxic Attraction domination continued.

Result – Mandy Rose beat Roxanne Perez

Grade – A

Wendy Choo came out after the match as Toxic Attraction escaped to the stage area. Choo triggered a net to fall on Toxic Attraction before spraying them with silly string.

Joe Gacy came out to the ring and said that everyone will accept his vision going forward. He said he will take the title next week and take over the show from thereon.

Rick Steiner came out to the ring and announced that his son Bron Breakker is fit to compete and will defend his title.

Gacy was about to attack Rick when Bron appeared and took out the hooded goons before Gacy attacked him from behind. The goons handed the NXT Championship to Gacy who lifted the title above his shoulders to end the segment and the show.

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