5 Things to Do After Beating Saints Row (End Game/Post Game)

Saints Row is an incredibly long game with an open world filled with various missions and activities. The fun does not stop once the credits roll, though, and you can go back in and clean up any unfinished business. Here are five things to do after beating Saints Row.

Build Remaining Criminal Venture Buildings

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There are several types of missions in Saints Row with main missions, loyalty missions, and missions related to the light management sim Criminal Ventures. Not every mission needs to be completed before hitting the credits, such as the Criminal Ventures missions.

The Ventures can still be completed in the endgame, and are necessary if you want to complete one more mission. These are filled with plenty of really fun and engaging minigames, including classics like Insurance Fraud and Mayhem, as well as newcomers like Boot Hill.

Honestly, these minigames are some of the best parts of the game, so if you haven’t experienced them yet, it’s highly recommended you build these areas and play them, especially if you’ve got a friend to do it with. Also, you may want to build the capital to buy some very expensive things at a specialty shop that is mentioned later on in this list.

Complete Let’s Build A Skyscraper

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After the credits roll, there will be one new mission that players can tackle once it is technically over. It is called “Let’s Build a Skyscraper,” and the Saints want to turn their tricked-out church into a building that can pierce the clouds.

While it appears in the mission list, it cannot be accessed until all 14 Criminal Ventures have been built and all 11 missions related to it have been completed. Now, you do not have to complete every Criminal Venture; just simply place each building on the Empire map. The buildings in the last tier will cost $1.6 million each, so it is still important to complete any leftover activities, work on Criminal Ventures, and transfer that passive cash earned from the Ventures.

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For anyone that is invested in the franchise, you’ll definitely want to make sure you complete this, as it’ll likely lend to the lore building and connectivity of the next game in the series, since it looks like Volition is doing its best to sow seeds for another installment based on its ending.

Complete All Activities

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While the side activities do not bring you as much cash as Criminal Ventures, every little bit helps. Plus it clears up the map from some unnecessary icons, and can reward with other items such as weapon skins and parts for special cars.

The side activities include Threats, Side Hustles, Discoveries, and Stores. Eliminating Threats should be first since they boost the capital of your Ventures, and clearing all activities in a region will shade it in purple. The shading marks it as complete, and you can focus on discovering activities in other regions.

Much like the Business Ventures, completing these events makes for some of the most fun you’ll have in the game, be it in co-op or singleplayer, as it not only results in some comical scenarios but also serves to flesh out the game’s setting with interesting items and stories.

Finish Remaining Challenges, Drug Pallets, and Wanted Missions

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While cruising around doing Ventures and side activities, it would be easy to quickly grab a few Drug Pallets if you happen to come across a few. They do not reward much cash, and XP will be useless at max level 20, but there are 125 of them, and every little bit still helps when you need a couple million.

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There are also challenges to complete if you want to get the full list of perks alongside other rewards and Wanted missions that are a nice distraction while still giving a little cash. Anything to drive around and discover more pallets or other points on interest.

These missions aren’t really as jam-packed as Business Ventures or other Side Hustles, but they’ll earn you some quick cash that you can use at our next entry: The Million Dollars Store.

Shop at the Everything Is A Million Dollars Store

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A new shop opens up post-credits with the Everything Is A Million Dollars store. Unsurprisingly, it contains decorative items that will turn you into inanimate objects at $1 million and more.

It is located in the Lakeshore South region pictured above. If you are a true completionist, then hopefully, you have been investing heavily in the Criminal Ventures. You are going to need a lot of passive income to clean this store out.

It’s all worth it, though, as the store has plenty of interesting and goofy pieces of clothing that make it worth the money. Become a hobbling, murderous toilet for $1 million, or splurge on being an Astral Projection of pure light for $25 million. If you end up wanting to go back to your old threads, don’t worry, as you can change your appearance anytime.

That is five things to do after beating Saints Row. Be sure to find more helpful Saints Row guides in the links below, and check back with Twinfinite for more game coverage.

Featured Image Source: Deep Silver Volition (via Twinfinite)

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