Best Genshin Impact Tower of Fantasy Presets


Get your fix of Genshin Impact in Tower of Fantasy by using these presets.

With Level Infinite and Hotta Studio’s shared-world RPG Tower of Fantasy finally out in the wild, players not only can explore a world full of danger and adventure, but also do so using their own created characters. Of course, when there are character creation features, there will be many looking to recreate familiar looks from other games. If you are looking for the best Genshin Impact presets for Tower of Fantasy, check out this list.


Tower of Fantasy Bennett
Image Source: Hotta Studio

Fancy yourself a dash of Pyro in Tower of Fantasy? Utilize this Bennett preset and add a dash of ruggedness into the sci-fi world.

  • Image ID: 1929
  • Likes: 16884


Tower of Fantasy Ganyu
Image Source: Hotta Studio

Featuring a unique outfit but still retaining a recognizable look, use this preset to bring the Cryo that is Ganyu into the mix.

  • Image ID: 587394
  • Likes: 4405

Hu Tao

Tower of Fantasy Hu Tao
Image Source: Hotta Studio

The Pyro that has some of the most unique eyes this side of Aida, having Hu Tao along for the ride should make for a fun time in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Image ID: 799
  • Likes: 50894


Tower of Fantasy Jean
Image Source: Hotta Studio

Going back to the original cast of Genshin Impact, Jean joins the Tower of Fantasy world with this depiction and preset.

  • Image ID: 183385
  • Likes: 4970


Tower of Fantasy Kaeya
Image Source: Hotta Studio

Need yourself an eyepatch? Look no further than this Kaeya preset in Tower of Fantasy, as the Cryo Cavalry Captain joins the fun.

  • Image ID: 291326
  • Likes: 2449
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Tower of Fantasy Keqing
Image Source: Hotta Studio

Time to begin the fight as Keqing, which just so happens to be among the most popular of presets right now in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Image ID: 690
  • Likes: 31383


Tower of Fantasy Venti
Image Source: Hotta Studio

Aside from the signature teal braid rocked by this particular preset of Venti, the alternate green jacket does add something new and different for the adventures in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Image ID: 70478
  • Likes: 2583


Tower of Fantasy Xiao
Image Source: Hotta Studio

One of the more accurate depictions of a Genshin Impact character in Tower of Fantasy, take this version of Xiao into the world of Aida.

  • Image ID: 1146510
  • Likes: 1779


Tower of Fantasy Yelan
Image Source: Hotta Studio

A new fan favorite that is working her way up the popularity ranks, Yelan can be yours to control in Tower of Fantasy with this preset.

  • Image ID: 11656
  • Likes: 18186


Tower of Fantasy Zhongli
Image Source: Hotta Studio

One of the most popular Genshin Impact characters has arrived in Tower of Fantasy, and for those that like the Geo hero, you can play as him right now.

  • Image ID: 1869
  • Likes: 11169

Importing Character Presets in Tower of Fantasy

Genshin Impact Tower of Fantasy Presets Import

In order to utilize these characters for your own adventure, it is quite a simple process through the game. After launching the game, you can head to the Presets menu and press the Import button on the bottom left. Enter the Image ID required, and you will get the characters in the list above.

That’s all you’ll need to know about the best Genshin Impact presets for Tower of Fantasy. If you want more about the game, be sure to check out some of our guides including how to get the Type 1 Chip, how to play with friends, or knowing where all the Omnium Tower location are. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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