Is Madden 23 on Game Pass? Answered


Is the latest entry in the Madden series coming to Game Pass?

A new year means a new entry in EA Sports’ annualized sports series. Madden NFL 23 will bring updated rosters, new playbooks, refined gameplay and all of the MUT and Franchise mode goodness fans have come to know and love from the football series. Given its predecessor was available on Xbox Game Pass, some fans may be wondering if Madden 23 is coming to the subscription service’s library of games, too.

Is Madden 23 Releasing Day One on Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, no, Madden 23 won’t be available on Xbox Game Pass on its release date, August 20, 2024.

That being said, those who have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription can download and access the trial for the game via EA Play, allowing you to play 10 hours of the game completely free of charge. The Madden 23 trial is available for download via the EA Play app, or via the Microsoft Store (when browsing with a Game Pass Ultimate subscribed account), now.

Will Madden 23 Ever Come to Game Pass?

While it might not be available on the release date of the game, chances are that Madden 23 will eventually come to Game Pass at some point in the future. EA has recently started putting its annual sports titles such as FIFA and Madden on Microsoft’s subscription service in the year after it releases.

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For example, Madden 22 arrived on Game Pass on Feb. 17, 2024, about six months after the game had initially been released. With this in mind, we’d hazard a guess that Madden 23 will follow suit and will become part of the Game Pass library any time from February 2024 onwards.

Nothing has been confirmed by EA at the time of writing, but as soon as we do hear anything, we’ll update this post and let you know.

For everything else on Madden 23, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below. We’ve also got an explainer on Madden 23 crossplay, a breakdown on the changes coming to Franchise Mode free agents, and exactly what Madden 23 FieldSENSE is all about.

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