Cult Of The Lamb Shepherds In 1 Million Sales In Just One Week

Cult of the Lamb Launch Trailer Screenshot In Forest
Image: Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb, the cute but evil Animal Crossing cult simulator, seems to be slaughtering the competition on the scene right now. Publisher Devolver Digital has bleated about the game’s success today, revealing that Massive Monster’s not-so-cuddly (or maybe very cuddly, depending on what your tolerance for sheep bloodshed is) has reached a milestone of one million sales.

That means one million of us have signed up to this woollen cult, and while this is a fantastic number in the game’s first week, Massive Monster isn’t settling there. The developer has been listening to our baa-ing and it and Devolver have acknowledged our “struggles” — which means it’s aware of the bugs, glitches, and “all manner of fiendish things that must be eliminated”.

Massive Monster is currently working on a patch to hopefully alleviate us fledgling cultists’ problems so we go back to recruiting and slaughtering. And we’d love to get back as soon as possible because we loved our time with it — performance issues and bugs aside — giving it an 8/10 in our review:

And if you’re not signed up to the cult yet, why not check out Cult of the Lamb’s rather impressive accolades trailer — we’re not the only ones who have jumped right in!

Are you one of Cult of the Lamb’s one million followers? Are you thinking about getting the game? Let us know!

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