Deals: Still Haven’t Played BioShock? It’s Too Good To Miss At This Price (Europe)

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BioShock: The Collection made waves when it first arrived on Switch, and now this fantastic first-person package is available on the Nintendo eShop with a tasty 80% discount.

Rather than paying the full £39.99 for the celebrated three-game collection, the current Switch eShop sale (Europe only at the moment — apologies to our Stateside friends!) brings the price down to £7.99 for the remastered trilogy. That’s right, £7.99 (or €9.99 in the ol’ Eurozone) for three of the best shooters on Switch or anywhere else for that matter. The games are on sale individually, too, although at £6.39 a pop you may as well snap up the lot.

Of course, on top of the three base games, the collection also contains all of the DLC for each individual game, meaning that there will be enough dystopian content to keep you going for the next little while. Because you haven’t got enough to play already, right?

The first-person shooter genre took a while to bed in on Switch but has steadily grown over the years with the console now offering an impressive array of FPS classics, and this 2020 collection is a particular highlight. You can still check out our glowing 9-star review (or watch the video version below), where we described the trilogy as ‘some of the best single-player, first-person shooting available on the Switch.’

This sale will be available on the Nintendo eShop until August 24th. Although that may seem like a way off yet, it’s amazing how time flies so we recommend getting in on this as soon as you find the chance. There are plenty of other deals at the time of writing (Inside is an absolute steal at its current sale price), but this one really jumped out at us like a Plasmid-addled Splicer.

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Will you be grabbing this on sale? A cheeky double dip, perhaps? Let us know in the comments. And would you kindly congratulate us for getting through the entire article without referencin—oh dash it all.

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