Did the Baby Die in House of the Dragon?


A guide that explains if the baby died in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon is shaping up to be surprisingly down-to-earth in its portrayal of medieval politics. It’s far more focused on the characters and their personalities battling over one another for supremacy, with a dash of dragons, nor does it shy away from difficult subjects or scenes. We see a gruesome birth of King Viserys I son. Shortly after, the baby seemingly disappears. Did the baby die in House of the Dragon?

Did the Baby Die in House of the Dragon?

Yes, the baby did, in fact, die in House of the Dragon. As to why the baby died, we may never find out. Just after his birth, Baelon Targaryen was audibly crying and sounded just like a baby just born. Were there complications? Was it divine punishment for King Viserys I choosing to save a child he had no way of knowing would be his male heir over his dying wife?

This is just speculation, but perhaps Daemon Targaryen had something to do with it. After all, should Baelon go on living, he would be Viserys’ successor for the Iron Throne, not Daemon. Shortly after Baelon’s death, Daemon is seen inside a brothel (that he bought out for him and his men to celebrate). He’s looking rather solemn, despite the festivities around him. Is it guilt, fear, or sorrow?

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And what of Daemon’s jape at the late Baelon Targaryen? “The Heir for a Day” is a cruel joke, especially aimed at your brother’s son. Only time will tell if we ever get the answer. Fans of George R. R. Martin’s world of Westeros should remember that political intrigue plays a major role; people survive or die based on their ability to play the game of thrones.

Now you know that the baby did die in House of the Dragon. We can only speculate on what Westeros would’ve looked like had Baelon ascended to the Iron Throne. For more on House of the Dragon, check out what House Blackfyre is all about.

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