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Dr. Sean Brooks- Biography

Dr. Sean Brooks delivered a series of fiery lectures about COVID-19 vaccinations at what some people who watched it claimed was an Ohio educational committee meeting. With his speech, he literally cautioned people and made quite frightening comments about what would happen to persons who had received the COVID 19 vaccines. A video incorporating all of his words went viral overnight, causing a social media frenzy.

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There is no information on his age, but based on the footage, he appeared to be in his thirties or forties. Dr. Sean has considered drugs for health and wellbeing, as well as life systems and physiology. He received his bachelor’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and then moved on to Walden University for his master’s and Ph.D. During his address, however, he declared that he has a Ph.D. from Oxford, but he hesitated a while before mentioning the name, sparking accusations that all of his claims appear to be false.

Quick Facts

Real Name Dr. Sean Brooks
Birth Date 1980s
Age (as of 2024) 30-40 Years
Residence Oxford, Ohio
Nationality American
Profession Medical Doctor (Claims)
Religion Christianity

Dr. Sean Brooks- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Dr. Sean Brooks’ family, friends, children, job, and personal records have all been removed from his web presence, according to news stations and reports. His filthy behavior has resulted from his incorrect speech.

Dr. Sean Brooks’s Professional Career

According to sources, as a result of his statement during the outbreak, all websites have removed Dr. Sean’s professional information from their pages. He’s currently unknown to the general population. His past is also unknown due to his unexpected celebrity. He claims to be a medical doctor, but he received a lot of flak on social media for making false claims. Aside from that, there is insufficient evidence for his occupation because the Ph.D. he claims from Oxford appears to be false as well.

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According to a YouTube recording of the meeting, a man known as Dr. Sean addressed the Talawanda School Board of Education on August 16, 2021. Several people spoke in favor of, as well as against, mask mandates and other COVID-19 rules in the school district. The Talawanda School District, according to their website, is located in southwest Ohio and educates around 3,000 children in the rural area surrounding Oxford, Ohio. Brooks, who claims to be on the video from Oxford, starts talking about the 29-minute mark you can see above.

Brooks identified himself as “Dr” at one point in the video, which you can see here. Sean is a doctoral student at the University of Oxford. He told parents and members of the board that individuals who took the vaccine would die and become sterile. Scientific research and well-known experts, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, disagree, arguing that the vaccines are safe and can help prevent the current COVID-19 outbreak, which is filling hospital beds across the country owing to the delta variant.

Influence on Social Media

According to social media observers, “Dr. Sean Brooks” is not well-known. There is an author with the same name, Dr. Sean M. Brooks, on, however, it is unclear whether they are the same person. In the past, a man who resembled “Dr. Sean Brooks Ph.D.” made offensive comments in films. According to Bitchute, the guest, a PhD-holding Dr. Sean, has committed his career to teach rather than medicine. According to the footage. There is no longer a page on the university website that indicates Dr. Sean Brooks’s book release.

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  • The headline of the Bitchute video was posted on August 18, 2021.
  • “Getting the Vaccine Will Kill You,” Dr. Sean declared at an SW Ohio School Board meeting.
  • “I have 48 papers, 23 of which are peer-reviewed,” Dr. Sean says. For the previous 21 years, I had studied medicine, anatomy, and physiology.”
  • In 2020, his father made bigoted statements about nonviolent demonstrators.
  • He received his Ph.D. from Walden University online.

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