Get Creative With LEGO Bricktales, Coming To Switch Later This Year

Update [Tue 16th Aug, 2024 14:00 BST]: Just as we expected, Thunderful has today announced that LEGO Bricktales will indeed be coming to the Switch in Q4 2024.

While we have no new information about the game itself just yet, we are pleased to know that this winter’s brick-builder will gain a handheld home.

Here’s an official summary of the game from Thunderful’s press release:

In LEGO Bricktales, journey across 5 different LEGO themed biomes and use an intuitive new brick-by-brick building mechanic to solve puzzles and bring your solutions to life. From purely aesthetic creations, such as market stands and music boxes, up to functional physics-based puzzles like building cranes and gyrocopters, LEGO Bricktales offers a host of challenges and quests to test your imagination and building skills.

Through the deepest jungle, sun-drenched deserts, a bustling city corner, a towering medieval castle and tropical Caribbean islands, youโ€™ll be treated to delightful environments packed full of secrets, challenges and fun characters.

In each diorama, there are LEGO Minifigures who need your help, as well as the opportunity to unlock new skills for your good deeds. While exploring these colorful environments, you will discover a variety of construction spots with their own sets of bricks – itโ€™s up to you to figure out a unique build that will work. Whether youโ€™re being asked to put on your designer hat and build a throne fit for a king or testing your engineering skills to build a bridge that will get a digger across a river, how you construct your builds and meet the challenges youโ€™re being offered is up to you!

Check out our original story below for even more details on the game.

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Original article [Thu 24th Mar, 2024 23:00 GMT]: As part of the Future Games Show, LEGO and Thunderful have announced LEGO Bricktales, a new puzzle game that tasks you with completing a series of objectives across 5 LEGO-themed diorama biomes – these include a deep jungle, a sun-drenched desert, a bustling city corner, a medieval castle, and tropical Caribbean islands.

In order to solve puzzles and help the LEGO minifigures, you’ll be building potential solutions brick-by-brick to come up with the most efficient object possible – as demonstrated in the trailer above, this might not always work out!

Each puzzle will come with its own set of bricks to utilise, helping alleviate the difficulty for newcomers, but you’ll be building everything from purely aesthetic creations to physics-based models like cranes and gyrocopters.

Dieter Schoeller, Vice-President of Publishing at Thunderful, had this to say about the announcement:

โ€œAfter more than two years, it feels incredible to finally announce what we have been working on behind closed doors. Weโ€™re honored to have this opportunity to collaborate with the largest toy brand worldwide. With LEGO Bricktales, weโ€™ve made it our mission to tap into what it is that makes LEGO play so special. Our intuitive brick-by-brick building mechanic allows players to engage with LEGO bricks in a video game the same way the toys have been inspiring peopleโ€™s imagination and creativity for decades.โ€

At the time of writing, specific platforms have not yet been announced for LEGO Bricktales, but we’re pretty confident that we’ll see it come to the Switch.

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Lego Bricktales looks like it’ll be a fun alternative to the usual style of LEGO game, similar to 2021’s LEGO Builder’s Journey, but will you be picking this one up if it comes to Switch? Let us know!

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