How Do You Get Season Of The Plunder Season Pass


Season of the Plunder is officially revealed in Destiny 2. Today we discuss how to get the season pass for it.

Season of the Haunted is coming to a close today, which means the next installment, Season of the Plunder, will now begin. With this new update comes a whole new batch of loot and areas for Guardians to explore. But to do so, you need to get the season pass first. So today, we’ll be discussing how to get the Season Of The Plunder season pass.

How Do You Get The Season Of The Plunder Season Pass

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If you bought the Witch Queen DLC’s deluxe edition last year, you would already have the season pass for Season Of The Plunder. But for those who didn’t, there is only one other way to obtain the season pass for the upcoming season, silver. You must buy $10 worth of silver to buy the season pass, and once you do so, Season of the Plunder is now yours.

How Do You Buy Silver In Destiny 2?

There are a few ways to buy silver in Destiny 2, but we’ll go over the fast and easy way.

How to buy silver in Destiny 2

  1. Log onto the game and select your character
  2. Hover Over and Select ‘Get Silver Icon

    Once you’re in your inventory, you should see the silver icon next to your glimmer and legendary shards.

  3. Buy Silver from your Platform Store

    From there, the game will take you to your platform’s store and prompt you to buy the silver you need. As mentioned before, you only need $10 worth of silver to buy the season pass.

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When Does Season Of The Plunder End?

Seasons in Destiny 2, more often than not, last around ten weeks in real-time. With that in mind, Season 18 officially begins on Aug 23, 2024. So, assuming the season will last a full 10 weeks, it should realistically end around the beginning of November.

That’s all for now. Season of the Plunder officially goes live on Aug 23, right after the Destiny 2 2024 Showcase. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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