How To Activate Mtn 25MB, 100MB And 300MB Opera Data Plan

As we said earlier on one of our latest post ( Mtn Accumulation Of 50MB) Opera Company partner with mtn, The partnership also bring them (Opera Company)  to offer affordable and cheap data plan to there users opera data plan. 

Any user with mtn network available on his/her smartphone with be eligible to purchase these data plan. 

Although the data is only available for browsing only on opera app like Opera mini browser and Opera news app


So if you have any of these app and you have access to mtn network on your smartphone you can go for the plan.
Normal The plan are attached with little MB ( 25MB, 100MB and 300MB)
but it also something to be make use of every little thing is something. 

Opera Partnership or Mtn partnership with Opera which bring about you browsing free on your opera app at the limit of 50MB daily.
That is you are limited to browse with your Mtn Network on Opera App
which implies Opera News and Opera mini app at just 50MB limited Data. 


We’ve also find out ways on how you can bypass the limitation
check it our here How to bypass limitation  Mtn 50MB from Opera App. 


Note: You can’t download or Stream with the Data plan you talking that lead will lead to your data plan reduction. 


That is whenever you try to download or stream online with the data plan.
The revenue will not be deducted from your opera plan data nor it will be from your own  data plan subscription else you won’t be able to carry out the process. 

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You can only browse with there data plan and browse only on opera app
varies from opera mini to opera news app. 


How to Activate Opera Data plan and Packages 

There is no any hard process to carryout when you want to subscribe to these data plan. 

As we said earlier The data Range from 25MB, 100MB and 300MB. 


Opera Data Plan Price list And Data plan list 

  • The Data plan of 25MB is Sold-out at the rate of N20 and it valid for 1Day
  • Likewise Data plan of 100MB is sold-out at the rate of N50 and it valod for 7 Days
  • Lastly Data plan of 300MB is sold at the rate of N100 and the validation date is 1 Month. 


So from the list you should know the one to go for cheap or not?  Let know view the comments box. 

How to Activate Mtn Opera Data Plan

opera data plan list

All you have to do to carry out the activation is to dial *131*3# and Reply with 9 “Opera mini or New” as shown in the screenshots below:

opear mini or news

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What your own opinion about these plan? 

Cheap or not? 

Affordable or not? 


Let know view the comment box  join our telegram channel.


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