How to Clear the Withering Zone In Genshin Impact


Dangerous and deadly, Withering Zones poses a threat to the beauty of Sumeru.

Withering Zones are areas of death and decay that can appear across the verdant land of Sumeru. They are ugly blights on the landscape and very dangerous, putting out a toxic fog that destroys plants and kills anyone who wanders into it. The danger means that players will need to do what they can to limit the impact of Withering Zones that they find throughout the game. If you wish to clear the Withering Zones and save the beauty of Sumeru, then we will show you how.

How to stop Withering Zones

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Withering Zones consist of a number of components that players will need to get used to. At the center of each one is a large Tumor of Withering that is connected to all the other parts. You will be able to see red lines of energy that connect the Tumor to nearby smaller branches. These branches will need to be destroyed.

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To do this, search for a nearby Dedrograna, a small wooden structure you can interact with to get three lights of Dendro energy to float around you. Now, head for one of the branches and perform a charged attack with your melee weapon or an aimed shot with your bow. This will cause one of the Dendrograna to fly toward the branch and impact it. Do this twice to destroy each branch.

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When all three branches are destroyed, enemies will appear at the Tumor. Destroy them all and then interact with the Tumor to finally clear the area of the Withering. You will need to be mindful of two other mechanics while doing this.

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First, the fog caused by the Withering will cause Decay to build up on you. If it reaches a certain level, this will wipe your entire party. To avoid this, look for nearby green stone nodes called the Candle of Life and interact with them. This will form a safe zone that will slowly clear Decay from you. The other threat is small red plants nearby that fire projectiles at you. These hit hard and will quickly kill you if you don’t pay attention. You can destroy them by hitting them with a charged or aimed shot.

And that’s how you deal with the Withering Zones in Genshin Impact. If you are looking for a greater challenge, you can try your hand in combat against the Jadeplume Terrorshroom, one of the bosses of the Sumeru area.

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