How to Earn Devotion in Cult of the Lamb (& What It’s Used For)


Ensure you’ve always got the devotion you require in your cult!

Cult of the Lamb Devotion is a very important resource if you’re going to grow your Cult into an all-powerful, all-giving following to support you on your quest to smite the False Prophets of the Lands of the Old Faith. As such, chances are you’re wondering how to earn Devotion fast in Cult of the Lamb, and you may also be wondering how to use Divine Inspiration, which it unlocks. In this guide, we’ll reveal all you need to know about the stuff.

How to Get Cult of the Lamb Devotion

Devotion is earned in a few different ways in Cult of the Lamb. The main way you’ll get it is by having your cultists pray to the Shrine in the middle of your camp.

To have a cultist pray to the Shrine, walk over and interact with them, then choose the ‘Work’ option and then select ‘Worship.’ After doing this, they will stand close to the Shrine, and a small wheel will appear above their head.

how to get devotion in cult of the lamb

You can collect any Devotion that your cultists have accumulated by walking up to the Shrine and pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox.

Devotion can also be earned by stealing it from other Shrines you come across on your crusaders through the Lands of the Old Faith. It can also be earned by completing quests, like the lighthouse near where you fish.

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stealing devotion in cult of the lamb

Once you’ve earned enough Devotion to fill up the bar at the top of the screen, you’ll get Divine Inspiration.

devotion unlocking divine inspiration in cult of the lamb

How to Use Divine Inspiration in Cult of the Lamb

Divine Inspiration can be used to purchase new buildings and structures for your Cult’s base camp, so to speak.

To do this, walk over to the Shrine at the center of your camp and press the Square/ X/ Y button. This will open up the ‘Divine Inspiration’ upgrade tree, where you can purchase a variety of different buildings.

cult of the lamb divine inspiration upgrades

You need to purchase a set amount of buildings or upgrades from the current unlocked tiers of your tree before the following one is unlocked. The higher up the tree, the better — generally speaking — the buildings and structures you can unlock for your Cult.

That’s everything you need to know on how to earn Devotion in Cult of the Lamb and what Divine Inspiration is used for. If you’re looking for more handy tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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