How to Get Commandment Stone Fragments in Cult of the Lamb (& What They’re Used For)


Learn how to get Commandment Stone Fragments in Cult of the Lamb!

Cult of the Lamb Commandment Stone Fragments are an important item that you’ll need in order to successfully grow in strength to take on the False Prophets lurking in the Lands of the Old Faith, and raise a powerful cult in the name of the ominous stranger that saved you. Thing is, it isn’t entirely clear how you can get these fragments and what you can use them for when you’ve got enough to make a whole Commandment Stone.

How to Get Cult of the Lamb Commandment Stone Fragments

Commandment Stone Fragments can be obtained in a couple of different ways in Cult of the Lamb, either by finding them in the ‘Lands of the Old Faith,’ or by increasing a follower’s loyalty.

You’ll get your first one in a room in the Lands of the Old Faith when you meet a character called Haro with three Commandment Stone Fragments in front of them.

commandment stone fragment cult of the lamb

After this, you can obtain the fragments by defeating enemies or in the chests dotted through the Lands of the Old Faith. These appear to be a randomized drop, though, so it’s by far the most surefire way to get them.

The other way to get the fragments is to increase a follower’s loyalty. This is done by interacting with them once each day and choosing the ‘Give Blessing’ option. You can also give them gifts you find on your skirmishes through the Lands of the Old Faith, and complete quests for them as and when they ask for things. Finally, you can perform Sermons and many other actions in your Temple that will increase the loyalty of each of your Followers.

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You can also get Commandment Stone Fragments as a random reward if you encounter Forneus while on a crusade. His icon is the shop with a little monster head beneath it, rather than the Follower icon.

What Are Commandment Stone Fragments Used For?

Once you’ve gathered three fragments, you’ll make a whole Commandment Stone, which can then be used to declare Doctrines from your Temple Altar.

how to use commandment stones in cult of the lamb

To do this, select the ‘Crown Offering’ option and then select the book icon at the very top of this page. You can now choose a Doctrine from a category and make a choice that will unlock either a new Ritual, Trait, or Follower interaction, which can help you increase Devotion. Devotion is used to unlock new items and abilities to purchase.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get and use Commandment Stone Fragments in Cult of the Lamb. For more on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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