How to Make Juice in Little Alchemy 2

Make some refreshing juice.

Little Alchemy 2
Image via Jakub Koziol

Little Alchemy 2 is a fun game where you can select and mix unique elements like water, fire, rain, land and more to create more elements. You can create your own world from the basic elements the title provides you at the start.

One of the most exceptional items in the game is Fruit Juice. However, players need to mix various other elements to make the final product. In this guide, we will give you step-by-step instructions to make juice.

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How to Make Juice in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2
Image via Jakub Koziol

To make juice, we will first need to get soil and other elements. Here are the steps to get some of the basic ingredients:

  • First, mix Water and Water for Puddle.
  • Now, add Puddle and Puddle to make a Pond.
  • Pond and a Pond will give you a Lake.
  • Adding Earth and Earth will make a Land.
  • Land and Land will make a Continent.
  • Add Continent twice to make a Planet.
  • Air and Planet will make Atmosphere.
  • Water and Atmosphere will form a Cloud.
  • Fire and Fire will make Energy.
  • Cloud and Energy will create Lightning.
  • Lightning and Lake will form Life.
  • You will get Soil and Animal after mixing Land and Life

After the above steps, you will have most of the stuff we need to make juice. To collect the final few elements follow these steps:

  • Cloud and Water will form Rain.
  • Rain and Soil will give you Plant.
  • Air and Cloud will make Sky.
  • Now, mix Fire and Sky to make Sun.
  • Sun and Rain add up to make Rainbow.
  • Plant and Rainbow will give you a Flower.
  • Flower and Water will give you Perfume and Fruit.
  • Finally, Fruit and Water will combine to create Juice.
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That’s the entire process of making juice in Little Alchemy 2.

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