Is Tower of Fantasy F2P-Friendly? Monthly F2P Dark Crystal Income & More

When it comes to gacha games, most of us are probably going to stay F2P, and that’s likely going to be the case with Tower of Fantasy as well. The biggest question then becomes, is Tower of Fantasy F2P-friendly? And how much premium currency can you expect to get on a weekly and monthly basis? Let’s break all that down.

Is Tower of Fantasy F2P-Friendly?

Right off the bat, my answer would be yes, Tower of Fantasy is pretty F2P-friendly for a gacha game. The game is extremely generous when it comes to handing out Black and Gold Nucleus, which can be used to pull on the game’s regular banners.

However, the limited banners are a completely different story. These timed banners require Red Nucleus, which cannot be obtained just by playing the game. They need to be bought with Dark Crystals, or obtained as event rewards or gifts from the developers. This means that as an F2P player, you’ll need to scrimp and save your Dark Crystals if you want to eventually snag a limited banner weapon. As for what it takes to save up that much, we’ll get into that shortly. But if you’re hoping to snag lots of limited weapons, then Tower of Fantasy isn’t the most F2P-friendly option around.

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If you’re content with pulling on the regular banners, however, then yes, Tower of Fantasy is pretty great. Black and Gold Nucleus can be obtained as pick-ups in the open-world (though they are limited), and as milestone achievements for just playing the game naturally. The regular Weapons Galore banner has an SSR drop rate of 0.75%, and a pity at 80 pulls.

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Not only that, if you get any SSRs on the way to 80, the pity bar doesn’t reset. It’s a great system that guarantees that all F2P players should be able to get a couple of SSRs very easily.

Tower of Fantasy Monthly F2P Income

Next, we’ll talk about the amount of Dark Crystals you can actually get as an F2P player in Tower of Fantasy. Here’s a quick breakdown of the income you get from dailies and weeklies:

  • Daily: Gold Nucleus x1, Dark Crystals x50
  • Weekly: Dark Crystals x350

Aside from your dailies and weeklies, F2P players should be able to get around 80 Dark Crystals from the Merit Pass as well. You’ll be able to get even more if you really put in the time to level it up, but average players should be able to get around 80. All things considered, the monthly F2P income for Dark Crystals should be around 2,880 Dark Crystals.

This number doesn’t include PvP rewards as we haven’t had a chance to try it out just yet, but we can probably round that number up to 3,000 Dark Crystals per month if we take PvP into consideration.

Keep in mind that each Red Nucleus costs 150 Dark Crystals. It takes 80 pulls to guarantee an SSR on the limited banner, and 120 pulls to guarantee that you get the featured weapon. That’s 12,000 Dark Crystals for the SSR guarantee, and 18,000 Dark Crystals for the featured weapon guarantee. With all that in mind, it will take F2P players around four months to hit the pity bar on a limited banner.

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Again, this doesn’t take into consideration the initial boost in Dark Crystal income you’ll get when you first start the game and claim your pre-registration rewards and all the early milestone achievements. It also doesn’t take into account surprise gifts from developers in the mailbox. However, this should give you a rough idea of how long you’ll need to save in order to guarantee yourself a featured weapon on a limited banner.

If you’re not fussed about limited weapons, then yes, Tower of Fantasy is a very F2P-friendly gacha game. But if you do care about them, then this might not be the game for you.

That’s all you need to know about whether Tower of Fantasy is F2P-friendly. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our reroll guide and weapon tier list.

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