Justin Bieber’s Spider-Man Costume on IG, Know What Fan’s Are Talking About the New Avatar

Justin Bieber just stunned the internet by appearing on his Instagram account with a brand new avatar – he’s now Spider-Man! The singer has had a long history of changing his look, but this may be one of his most surprising transformations yet. Fans are going crazy over the new avatar and are eagerly awaiting what Bieber will do next. Stay tuned for more details about this story!

Justin Bieber's Spider-Man Costume on IG

On Saturday, Justin Bieber posted a series of photos on Instagram, dressed up as the iconic Marvel hero Spiderman. The pop star broke the internet with his latest stunt, leaving fans wondering if he is up to something big. However, it is reportedly just an early Halloween celebration and not for any upcoming superhero film.

Fans have been quick to react to the photos, with some even calling for a Bieber-Spiderman crossover movie. However, it is unlikely that we will ever see such a movie given that the two characters exist in different universes.

Nevertheless, it is still fun to imagine what a Bieber-Spiderman movie would be like. Perhaps we could see the pop star swinging through the streets of New York, catching criminals and belting out his hits at the same time. Or maybe he could use his superpowers to help his fans in their everyday lives. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that it would be an interesting movie to watch.

Justin Bieber Spider-Man Costume

On August 13, 2020, Justin Bieber posted a series of six photos on his Instagram handle in which he posed as Spider-Man. In the first photo, Bieber was seen staring directly into the camera while wearing the one-shouldered costume and supporting unkempt hair.

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The second photo features Bieber getting cozy with his wife, Hailey Bieber, again in his one-shouldered costume. The two can not seem to take their eyes off each other as they stand in what appears to be a pantry.

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In another black and white photo, the two kiss each other passionately at the same spot. These photos have stunned everyone as they provide a glimpse into the private life of the celebrity couple. It is clear that the two are deeply in love with each other and are very much enjoying married life.

Fans gone over the Photos in Millions

As soon as Bieber shared the photos, fans went crazy with excitement. The post has already gotten more than 3 million likes and over 14,000 comments. While one fan commented, “Tobey Maguire who? I Stan This Peter Parker” another one wrote, “petition to get Justin in the new Spider-Man movie.”

Another follower tagged Tom Holland and joked, “@tomholland2013 he’s coming for your JOB!!!!” A fan also commented, “A picture of you in a Spiderman costume was all I needed.” “This is actually my favorite Spiderman,” wrote another one.

It is clear that fans are loving Bieber’s latest stunt and are eagerly waiting to see more of his Spider-Man avatar. We can only hope that Bieber will continue to surprise us with his stunts in the future.

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