Namco Shmup Dragon Saber Is This Week’s Arcade Archives Game

Dragon Saber
Image: via Arcade Artwork

If you love a good vertical shoot ’em up – Hamster’s Arcade Archives collection has you got covered this week. The latest release for this library on the Switch is the 1990 Namco title, Dragon Saber. It’s a sequel to Dragon Spirit, released in 1987.

In this game, princes are transformed into dragons and must free their planet from fearsome monsters. Here’s a rough translation via Famitsu, along with a look:

“Dragon Saber” is a shooting game released by Namco (currently Bandai Namco Entertainment) in 1990. If you don’t shoot a shot, you can get enthusiastic and shoot a powerful enthusiastic bullet, or you can change to various types of dragons by acquiring change items. Let’s use it well and defeat the boss of the stage.

This version will also include simultaneous two-player co-op, and will be available for $7.99 USD or your regional equivalent on the Switch eShop.

Will you be adding this game to your collection? Leave a comment down below.

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