Nintendo Reveals A New And Colourful Splatoon 3 Switch OLED

Nintendo has just unveiled a brand new Switch OLED with a shiny lick of paint!

The new Splatoon 3-themed Switch OLED features some gorgeous-looking Joy-Cons with gradient colourations and splats of paint all over them. The dock itself also has a lovely dollop of sunny yellow paint on it complete with all of the usual Splatoon-style art.

This is the first themed variant of the Switch OLED we’ve seen since its launch last October, and we’re pretty in love right now. See how those Joy-Con are actually two-tone, blending between yellow and green on one, blue and purple on the other, both with white, slightly translucent rear sides? We don’t need another Switch, right?

But don’t worry if you don’t fancy a new OLED or Switch, as Nintendo has also got a new Pro Controller and a Carrying Case to help you Splatoon on the go!

Here’s a closer look at the system and those lovely new Joy-Con, plus the Pro Controller.

That controller would go nicely with the pink and green one for Splatoon 2, wouldn’t it? The Pro Controller will cost $74.99 and the case a nice little price of $24.99.

The Switch OLED launches on 26th August for a cool $359.99, while the controller and the case are available from 9th September, the same day as Splatoon 3 splashes down.

Will you be picking up any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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