Random: BMW Reveals Pokémon-Themed Mini Aceman Concept At Gamescom

MINI X Pokémon MINI Aceman
Image: Gamescom / BMW / The Pokémon Company

BMW has revealed a Pokémon-themed version of its all-electric Mini Aceman concept car as part of a MINI x Pokémon collaboration.

Shown during a slightly bizarre segment of Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, as hosted by Geoff Keighley, there was lots of flowery brand-focused language but not much in the way of specifics. It’s a concept car with “gaming features”, although exactly what that means was never really explained.

The car appears to display lots of neat Pokémon graphics across the dash, but Oliver Heilmer, head of Mini design and the chap Keighley was questioning about the vehicle, showed his very best media-training moves by deflecting the first question to talk some fluff about Gamescom, and then leading the conversation into very specific… nothingness. Mini is more than a car, you see; it’s a character you partner with to explore the road.

Image: Gamescom

Apparently, this collab is a match made in heaven because Pikachu is an electric type and the car also runs on electricity — must have taken the marketing team two, maybe three whole seconds to come up with that one. Good news for Ash and his favourite Pocket Monster, though, as they will presumably be able to stay on the road in their natty set of wheels while avoiding crippling energy price increases as the cost of living crisis grips nations across the globe.

Apparently, you can connect your gaming console to this Mini, but again, no specifics were given. ‘Play on’ is the motto behind this collab. Thank goodness they managed to squeeze that essential bit of info in!

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So yes. A weird segment, to be sure. But hey, at least this bit wasn’t space-based. We were disappointed that Geoff didn’t ask Oliver his favourite Pokémon as he said he would, though.

BMW Blog has more info about the car — check out the video below (skip to the end for the Pokémon bit):

Perplexed? Confused? Tired? Time for bed. Let us know your thoughts on the Mini Aceman Concept and how it appeals to gamers below.

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