Random: New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Glitch Means You’ll Never Be Short Of Materials

Breath of the Wild Link climbing up cliff
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The Inventory Slot Transfer is one of the most well-known glitches in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, used in countless tricks such as keeping the Bow of Light or duplicating certain items and weapons. We wouldn’t have tons of other glitches without Inventory Slot Transfer, and we wouldn’t still be finding new secrets and exploits in the game today.

Gaming Reinvented has once again shared another useful way of utilising Inventory Slot Transfer — this time, to get up to 999 of any material. Just in case you need a few spares! No more farming or spending ages searching for rare materials like giant ancient cores.

In the example below, Gaming Reinvented starts with a new file. In this file, you need to ensure Link doesn’t have any armour, then pop the item you want to clone in the first inventory slot. Next, equip a shield, save, set up the slots on your main file using the Inventory Slot Transfer, and then go back to the first file.

Without opening the menu, get to a spot where the game autosaves. Once you’ve seen that the game has saved, open the menu, and get rid of the items you want to clone. Reload, and ta-da! Did you order 999 diamonds?

One thing Gaming Reinvented has since added is that you need to set up enough Inventory Slot Transfer slots for your key items, one shield, and any food, and as one commenter has pointed out, you also need enough offset to transfer over a shield.

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How many more glitches and secrets are we going to find before Breath of the Wild 2 releases? And then we’ll have years of those discoveries, too! Breath of the Wild is the gift that keeps on giving. You can check out how to do the 999 material glitch in the video below.

Have you used the Inventory Slot Transfer glitch in Breath of the Wild? Will you be giving this one a go? Let us know in the comments!

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