Random: Yes, Someone Really Had A Waluigi Bachelorette Party, And It’s Amazing

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Here’s something that probably won’t surprise Waluigi fans (at least we think!) — Waluigi has gone viral on TikTok. But not for the reasons you might think.

Last week, Emily Yates — Cherrie Sorbet on TikTok — shared a video on TikTok that showed seven different people dressed up as Waluigi. The reason? It was for a bachelorette party — or a hen night, for those of us in the UK. Yes, really, a Waluigi bachelorette party. Did you know there are seven different variations of Waluigi? We didn’t until this.

After the video took the internet by storm, Yates spoke to Kotaku about how she came up with the idea. Yates wanted to do something chaotic for her party, but she didn’t want to copy anyone else. Yates settled on Waluigi because he’s “just a lanky being of pure chaotic energy”, and we couldn’t agree more. We’re actually a little more surprised that a Waluigi party hasn’t happened before, but Yates has likely started a trend off with her own.

Of course, it’s all well and good throwing the party, but getting people to attend and participate was a whole other thing. To convince people to join in, she put together a PowerPoint Presentation — classic! And even though some of her friends and family were confused, she still managed to get seven people (originally nine, but two people had to drop out) to join in!

You can check out all seven costumes in the video below, where each Waluigi tries to guess which one will have one too many drinks. That should give you an idea of how the party went!

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Of these seven “wah-sonas”, Yates was Elvis Waluigi. Yep. And the bride-to-be made her own costume from scratch — which she will potentially share more videos of on TikTok in the future. But she doesn’t plan to wear the costume down the aisle. However, she’s been delighted by the response the video has received over on Twitter.

Our favourite Waluigi has to be Cult Waluigi — can you imagine the spiritual chaos he’d cause if this was a real variant? Nintendo, take note.

Tell us what your favourite Waluigi variant is in the comments!

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