Random: You’ve Never Seen An OG Game Boy Quite Like This One

The humble Game Boy is no stranger to the modding scene. We’ve seen plenty of incredible creations over the years, including a bizarre GBA / Tiger Electronics hybrid, along with a whole bunch of incredible custom designs by just one person.

This new one might be one of the coolest creations we’ve seen yet, perhaps due to its deceptive simplicity. Built by artist Obirux, it’s essentially a horizontal Game Boy created using original DMG shells and a modern IPS screen. So, you’ve got the innards of an original Game Boy, but the form factor of, say, the Game Boy Advance.

What’s great about this design is that there’s very little that’s actually “new” here; despite the drastically different form factor, this is still essentially an original Game Boy. It just looks a bit different, is all. If you want to check out some more of Obirux’s designs, you can check out their website or Instagram page.

What do you make of this custom Game Boy design? Would you want one in your collection? Let us know!

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