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Posted on February 16, 2024

Ripley Barnes

Ripley Barnes-Biography

Ripley Barnes is the daughter of the popular actor, Cooper Barnes. She is not too famous since, well, she is not involved in show business or anything. She is the daughter of a father who is quite renowned which suggests she is going to gain a little bit of that fame as well. However, there have been enough paparazzi images of Ripley to make rounds on the internet.

Barnes is incredibly lucky to have a lovely father like Cooper. I don’t say that she’s lucky because Cooper is rich and renowned. I honestly say that because Cooper is an extremely caring father. She is seen sometimes with her daughter in public locations and Ripley seems to be well raised and poised.

Name Ripley Barnes
Birthday 2016
Age 4
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Cooper Barnes and Liz Stewart
Siblings None


  • Ripley Barnes is currently just 4 years old. Barnes doesn’t have the notion why she is renowned now but she will get to know the cause as she grows older.
  • According to some accounts, Barnes was born on January 1, 2016. Her natal sign is Capricorn.
  • She was born to a prominent actor by the name of Cooper Barnes who is quite famous for his parts in movies and TV series.
  • Her mother’s name is Liz Stewart who is also an actress.
  • She doesn’t have Wikipedia but there are a few sites on the internet that have written about her.
  • We don’t know how tall she is. However, considering that she’s just 4 years old, would think she is somewhere under 3 feet tall.
  • Cooper was 36 years old when Ripley was born.
  • Barnes doesn’t have any siblings yet but that could change in the future.
  • Ripley doesn’t use Instagram as she is so young to be able to appreciate social media.
  • Her father shares her images from his Instagram account occasionally. Cooper has 1.8 million followers on his account.
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