Who Dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? Answered

Wondering who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? Well, you aren’t alone in that quandry, as the next installment in the Marvel series has teased some pretty big changes are coming to the MCU. Here is everything you need to know about which characters bite the dust.

Obviously, we are venturing into spoiler territory when it comes to both the film and its potential impact on future MCU entries. If you would like to enjoy the show without knowing what comes after, this is the time to turn back.

Gorr’s Family

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The opening of Thor: Love and Thunder is a bit of a tragic one, as we see the movie’s antagonist, Gorr, walking through the desert with his daughter, Love. It isn’t long till we find out that they are the last two left in his family, as famine and war have ravaged their home.

Unfortunately, Love dies as well of starvation not too long into the film. At the very end of Thor: Love and Thunder though, she is brought back to life, meaning that only the rest of Gorr’s unnamed family perished before the events of the film.


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Not too long after the death of Love, Gorr stumbles upon an Oasis in the middle of the desert. Here, he finds his god, Rapu, and begs him to heal the land so that the people can once again prosper.

Rapu laughs at this idea, stating that he didn’t care about Gorr or his people and that there will always be more people to worship him. After insulting him, Rapu then goes to kill Gorr, but is instead killed by his former devotee when the magical Necrosword chooses him, creating Gorr the God Butcher.

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Zeus’ Guards

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About mid-way through the film, Thor, Korg, Jane Foster, and Valkyrie go to Omnipotence City to seek the aid of the gods. Once there, they find Zeus, leader of the gods, and ask him for help. Unfortunately, Zeus is selfish and doesn’t want to risk his life trying to kill Gorr.

A fight breaks out between Thor, Korg, Jane Foster, Valkyrie, Zeus and his guards. More than a handful of the guards are killed by the heroes, with Zeus apparently joining them soon after he gets his own Thunderbolt thrown through his chest by Thor.

The mid-credit scene actually reveals that Zeus is alive and well, though, even though it isn’t really explained how he survived.

Jane Foster

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Near the beginning of Thor: Love and Thunder, it is revealed that Jane Foster has terminal stage 4 cancer. In order to try and heal herself and stave it off, she dons the helm of Thor by wielding Mjolnir, which called to her right after the diagnosis.

At the film’s end, it is revealed that being Thor is actually preventing her cancer treatments from working. Despite this, Jane eventually decides to become Thor again in order to help save Thor Odinson and the trapped children from Gorr the Butcher.

While she succeeds, she eventually dies in Thor’s arms due to the cancer. In the post-credit scene, she can be seen being transported to Valhalla.

Gorr the God Butcher

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After being corrupted and possessed by the powers of the Necrosword the entire movie, the antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder meets his end shortly after wishing his daughter, Love, back from eternity. It was said that the only thing that had been keeping him alive was the sword, so once it was destroyed, he didn’t have too long to live.

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His death wasn’t too sad, though, as he was able to talk to his daughter before dying while also getting Thor to promise that he’d take care of Love and raise her as his own.

That is everything you need to know about who dies in Thor: Love and Thunder. We’ve got plenty more guides on the movie, so be sure to search Twinfinite or check for related articles down below.

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