World Wildlife Day 2024 Wishes Messages, Quotes and Status

World Wildlife Day is observed every year on March 3rd as a day to create awareness about wild flora and fauna and to celebrate the diversity they have. Celebrate this wonderful day with your family and friends by sharing with all World Wildlife Day slogans and World Wildlife Day hashtags. Wish one and wish all with World Wildlife Day quotes and sayings. Have these save wildlife slogans with pictures shared with everyone around you.

With the best World Wildlife Day Messages, wildlife day 2024 Wishes Images, Wildlife slogans, World Wildlife day quotes and status for WhatsApp and Facebook, wish your near and dear ones. Wish them with wildlife conservation slogans on social media.

World Wildlife Day Messages 2024

“On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, sending warm wishes to you. Let us join hands to save the wildlife to save our future.”

“We all are inter-connected and inter-related. With detreating wildlife, humans will be left with a dark future. Happy World Wildlife Day.”

“World Wildlife Day reminds us all that the onus of saving the wildlife lies on us because we are the ones who destroyed it as well.”

“We must thank God for the diverse flora and fauna we have been gifted with. Wishing a very Happy World Wildlife Day.”

Happy World Wildlife Day 2024 Wishes

“Animals are also a part of this world and therefore, they also need to be protected and saved. Warm wishes on World Wildlife Day.”

“The occasion of World Wildlife Day reminds us humans that the responsibility of saving animals lies on our shoulders because we are the ones who made them homeless.”

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“Animals are crying for help because we have played around with their homes. Let us join hands to save them. Wishing a very Happy World Wildlife Day to you.”

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World Wildlife Day Quotes and Sayings

“The quality of life for humans is going to get worse with the wildlife getting extinct. Let us save them for the planet.”

“The animals can survive and flourish only if the humans have the will to make this dream come true. Happy World Wildlife Day.”

“It will not change the world if you will save one animal but it will certainly change the world for that one animal. Warm wishes on World Wildlife Day.”

“We all can contribute to save the wildlife by doing our bit of duties. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Wildlife Day.”

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World Wildlife Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

“We must speak for the ones who don’t have a voice. Let us save the wildlife. Warm wishes on World Wildlife Day to everyone.”

“Let us celebrate World Wildlife Day by promising that we will do all that we can to save the wildlife and to save this world.”

“With animals gone and trees gone, that time is not far when humans will also be gone. Warm wishes on World Wildlife Day.”

“A very Happy World Wildlife Day to all. We cannot bring back those who are extinct but we still have time to save those who are still alive.”

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Slogan on Saving Wildlife

Save wildlife to save this world.

World is a better place with wildlife.

Wildlife and human are a part of the same world. Let us save

It is up to us that whether we want to cherish them or have
them perish.

Slogan on wildlife conservation

Let us conserve wildlife to conserve our future.

It is our duty to do good to wildlife.

This is the attitude of humans that they never show
gratitude. Let us save wildlife.

Let us conserve wildlife by not letting them die.

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Slogans to Save Animals

Save before they become extinct from being endangered.

Save animals for they are a part of this world.

Our actions are responsible for the threat to their
survival. Let us save animals.

Animals were not created by God so that we could hunt them
or eat them. Let us save them.

Slogan on Wildlife Conservation in Hindi

Is se pehle ki aur der ho jaye, aao saath mein hum wildlife
ko bachayein.

Agar hum aaj nahi jaage toh yeh wildlife humesha ke liye so

Wildlife ke bina is dharti par Jeevan adhura hai.

Wildlife ek Khazana hai jise hum sab ko milkar bachana hai.

Poster on save wildlife with Slogan

Wildlife is a part of this planet and we must save it.

When you kill one animal, you show the world who is the real

Wildlife and nature are the treasure we must save.

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Let us save wildlife to save our planet.

World Wildlife Day Hashtags


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