Conor McGregor is no longer the highest paid athlete

Conor McGregor dropped down in the highest-paid athlete list for 2024

Forbes released their latest highest-paid athlete list, and while it was certain that Conor McGregor would be on the list, he did drop down from his previous position. Meanwhile Jake Paul broke into the top 50, and McGregor slipped from his position at number one.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
Jake Paul and Conor McGregor

In 2021, McGregor topped the list at No. 1 overall after he earned a whopping $180 million for the year, which included selling a majority share in his whiskey brand Proper No. 12. Currently he is ranked 35th after he reportedly took home $43 million with $33 million coming from fight purses through two fights with Dustin Poirier and another $10 million for endorsements and sponsorship deals.

Jake Paul has kept himself busy as a boxer and promoter, and made reportedly earned $38 million for the year. Paul’s salary includes $30 million from fight purses and another $8 million from endorsement and sponsorship deals. Currently he is ranked at No.46.

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi came in first after he reportedly earned $130 million through a lucrative contract while playing for Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona along with a wide array of endorsement deals.

Tony Ferguson blasts Conor McGregor for alleging him of switching management companies

There was once a time when UFC lightweight contenders Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor were respectful and cordial toward each other. Both fighters were managed by the same management company Paradigm Sports, until Ferguson left the agency and the relationship turned sour.

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After seven years of doing business with Paradigm, Tony pulled the plug on their deal when they refused to advocate a fight between the ‘El Cucuy’ and the ‘Notorious’. Tony felt like his growth is being hampered, and was miffed that McGregor was given a shot at Khabib Nurmagomedov before him. He also claimed once that the company owes him about half million dollars.

Following Ferguson’s devastating loss at UFC 274, words of encouragement and appreciation started to pout toward him, along with some jeering and jibing. Conor McGregor was among the first to react to the loss in his own deriding manner. The pair have gone back and forth on several occasions in the past, even resorting to distasteful and insulting remarks.

Tony reacted to Conor’s accusation on shifting agencies by saying, ‘Been away from Twitter for a sec. Came back to see McNuggets is always trying to talk shit about me & my agents. Truth is I have had the same agent since I left Paradigm. Only agency change was the 1 that didn’t live up to their Fiduciary Duties. No excuses Just facts- Champ ’

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