How to Get Bones in Cult of the Lamb


Everything has its uses, including bones.

When it’s just you and your followers up against the world, every little bit counts, and that is the same case for your resources. Only by amassing the right stuff can you hope to proceed further with your cause, and for any aspiring leader hoping to have a healthy supply of resources to tap on, knowing where to get them is essential. Here’s all you’ll need to know on how to get bones in Cult of the Lamb.

Getting Bones in Cult of the Lamb

To add more bones to your resource collection in Cult of the Lamb, you must head out on crusades. This will bring you face to face with various enemies that stand in your way.

how to get bones in cult of the lamb

Defeat them, and then destroy their skeletons in order to get bones. If you haven’t destroyed their skeletons before you defeat all of the enemies, they’ll automatically be broken down and the bones added to your collection at the end.

What are Bones Used For?

Once you have a healthy supply of bones, you can then utilize them for more useful purposes. These bones can be used to perform rituals that will increase the Faith of your followers, which will allow your cult to flourish further and hold off the challenge of the non-believers. You can even get married to your cultists using bones as an example.

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using bones in cult of the lamb

With the understanding of how to get bones in Cult of the Lamb, enemies become a vital vein of resources. For more tips and tricks for the game, be sure to check out our other guides on how to return from a Crusade, how to get lumber/wood, or how to increase your Follower loyalty. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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