SWTOR Shadow Syndicate Vendor Location


The location of the Shadow Syndicate vendor in SWTOR.

Despite SWTOR being a lovingly crafted Star Wars experience—and is arguably one of the best examples of it—the game occasionally explains certain mechanics rather poorly. For example, farming Shadow Syndicate reputation is very straightforward. But where in the world is the SWTOR Shadow Syndicate vendor?

Technically speaking, you were the Shadow Syndicate vendor all along.

How to Find the Shadow Syndicate Vendor Location in SWTOR

SWTOR has players running around thinking there must be a Shadow Syndicate vendor somewhere, right? Well, no. Instead, the Shadow Syndicate vendor is tied to the Galactic Seasons. It’s a separate tab from the Login Rewards you can earn.

To check out your progress for the current Galactic Season:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Character Icon.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose Login & Season Rewards.
  3. From the two tabs available, select Galactic Seasons.

This is where the confusion is caused. If there isn’t a vendor for the Shadow Syndicate, then why bother with reputation? The Galactic Season is essentially a battle pass, something you’d see in Apex Legends. By earning levels for the Galactic Season, you can claim rewards along the way, such as cosmetic items, mounts, and even titles.

And many of the tasks you have to complete are related to earning reputation with the Shadow Syndicate. It’s a kind of symbiotic relationship.

How to Earn Shadow Syndicate Reputation

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Earning Shadow Syndicate reputation is one of the easiest and most straightforward tasks in SWTOR. All you have to do is hand in Underworld Syndicate Plans. In exchange, you’ll be rewarded Shadow Syndicate Commendations (of varying size) that can be used like a consumable to increase your reputation with the Shadow Syndicate.

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But before you can do that, you’ll need to unlock the Shadow Syndicate:

  1. Progress through the Galactic Season until you’ve unlocked Fen Zeil, a companion.
    • Complete Daily and Weekly tasks to earn Galactic Season Points.
  2. Complete Fen Zeil’s companion mission, “The Shadow of the Underworld.”
  3. After that, you’ll get the mission “The Shadow Syndicate,” and be tasks with finding Underworld Syndicate Plans.

Underworld Syndicate Plans can be looted from any mob in SWTOR, but you’ll want to focus your efforts on enemies related to the Exchange, Hutts, and the Black Sun. Those three groups take up residency on Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, Tatooine, and Quesh.

The easiest method is to defeat enemies on Nar Shaddaa because Qi’us Dnar is there as well; she’s who you need to speak with to hand in Underworld Syndicate Plans.

And there you have it, the true and confusing nature of the Shadow Syndicate vendor location in SWTOR. The Shadow Syndicate don’t have a vendor of their own, so any reputation you earn with them helps you progress the Galactic Season and earn rewards. If you’re returning to SWTOR, Bioware recently released the latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith.

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