What the Timer Above Chests Means & Can You Skip It?


Explaining the Tower of Fantasy Estimated Repair Time countdown above chests!

Have you noticed a timer counting down above chests in Tower of Fantasy? You’re not the only one. This Tower of Fantasy Estimated Repair Time can crop up if you’ve been doing a lot of world exploration, gathering materials and opening the various chests dotted around the world. So, the obvious question is what does it mean and is there any way to skip it?

What Does ‘Estimated Repair Time’ on Chests Mean?

When you come across a chest that shows the ‘Estimated Repair Time’ message on a chest, it simply means that you cannot open it until the time shown has elapsed, so in the example below, you’d need to wait 62 hours until you can open that chest.

Tower of Fantasy estimated repair time

If you try and interact with the chest, it’ll say “… Repairing data… Estimated repair time: 62h 18m” so unfortunately there’s nothing you can really do but wait it out.

Can You Skip Estimated Repair Time in Tower of Fantasy?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t skip the estimated repair time for a chest. There’s no microtransaction option you have to speed up the time, nor is there any other mechanic that we’ve stumbled upon during our time in the game so far that enables you to completely eliminate the repair time wait altogether.

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Instead, you just need to sit patiently and wait for the timer to finish.

If developer Perfect World introduces a means to reduce this wait time, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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