What Are Your Most Anticipated PS5, PS4 Games for the Rest of 2024?

After an action-packed first six months from Sony and third-party publishers, the rest of 2024 is promising just as much fun. We’ve already had the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, and Gran Turismo 7 to entertain us at the start of the year, but now it is time to turn our sights to the end of it. For the final six months, what are your most anticipated PS5, PS4 games?

Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a big upcoming title, or maybe an indie experience is tickling your fancy. Either way, the Push Square editorial staff has first presented its most anticipated PS5, PS4 games for the rest of the year, and then we turn the question over to you in the form of a poll. It will be open until Friday, 8th July 2024, at which point we’ll total up the votes and then reveal the results in a separate article.

A Plague Tale: Requiem (PS5)A Plague Tale: Requiem (PS5)

Publisher: Focus Entertainment / Developer: Asobo Studio

Release Date: 18th Oct 2024 (USA) / 18th Oct 2024 (UK/EU)

As a sequel to one of the PS4’s most underrated games, A Plague Tale: Requiem has every right to be something quite special. Refining its stealth-based gameplay loop, Amicia and Hugo return for another deadly and dangerous trek with the rat swarm by their side. If Asobo Studio gets it right — and it probably will — then don’t be surprised to see A Plague Tale: Requiem appear in one or two Game of the Year lists.

Arcade Paradise (PS5)Arcade Paradise (PS5)

Publisher: Wired Productions / Developer: Nosebleed Interactive

Release Date: 11th Aug 2024 (USA) / 11th Aug 2024 (UK/EU)

Nosebleed Interactive’s genre blending may have gone under the radar over the past decade, but its coin-op tycoon title Arcade Paradise may finally put the Newcastle studio on the map. Tasked with transforming a humble laundromat into a gaming haven, this unusual indie jumbles up the obsessively mundane tasks of modern simulators with a bunch of minigames. It won’t be the best game on this list, but the developer has pedigree and is poised for a breakout hit.

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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (PS5)Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (PS5)

Publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Massive Entertainment

Release Date: 2024 (USA) / 2024 (UK/EU)

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora isn’t exactly the follow-up we ever expected from The Division developer Massive Entertainment, and quite frankly, it isn’t one we would have ever asked for either. But when you take a moment to consider the potential of a AAA open world title that explores the bioluminescent world of James Cameron’s 2009 mega-hit, it’s all too much to pass up. A dynamic world, an expansive ecosystem, and a previously unseen frontier of Pandora, Avatar promises to be enormous. There is a lot yet to be revealed, including the surprising choice of a first-person perspective, but the prospect of flying a banshee through the floating mountains ensures that we are quietly waiting to go blue in 2024.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS5)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS5)

Publisher: Activision / Developer: Infinity Ward

Release Date: 28th Oct 2024 (USA) / 28th Oct 2024 (UK/EU)

Infinity Ward is this year’s lead Call of Duty developer, which after the great 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare proved the series still has what it takes to be excellent, is only a good thing. While campaign footage has looked somewhat by the numbers up until now, the multiplayer is sure to impress once more. And with better Warzone integration this time around, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 could be the only game you play once it releases in October.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion (PS5)Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion (PS5)

Publisher: Square Enix / Developer: Square Enix

Release Date: 2024 (USA) / 2024 (UK/EU)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is probably the best Final Fantasy VII spinoff there is — although admittedly, that’s not saying much. Still, the angsty story of Zack Fair should be worth another look all these years later, especially if Square Enix goes above and beyond with this remaster. Going by what we’ve seen of it so far, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion provides a massive graphical improvement over the PSP original — but we do feel as though a few key gameplay tweaks are necessary if the game is to live up to modern action RPG standards.

Evil West (PS5)Evil West (PS5)

Publisher: Focus Entertainment / Developer: Flying Wild Hog

Release Date: 20th Sep 2024 (USA) / 20th Sep 2024 (UK/EU)

Flying Wild Hog is pumping out games this year, with Trek to Yomi and Shadow Warrior 3 already on the docket, but its best is seemingly still yet to come. Evil West is cowboys meets vampires meet horror, and it looks excellent. Without an open world to explore, this third-person shooter is all about the action with gunplay and melee moves to brutalise your foes. An interesting — and likely quality — alternative to the AAA titles on this list.

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Forspoken (PS5)Forspoken (PS5)

Publisher: Square Enix / Developer: Luminous Productions

Release Date: 24th Jan 2024 (USA) / 24th Jan 2024 (UK/EU)

Forspoken has yet to look like anything more than a tech demo, but we still have hope Square Enix can come through with this fantastical open world outing. With Sucker Punch recently confirming that it’s put the inFAMOUS franchise on ice, there’s room for a magical sandbox on the market. We’re sceptical, of course, but with gorgeous graphics and actress Ella Balinska lined up for the lead role, this is definitely one to watch.

God of War Ragnarok (PS5)God of War Ragnarok (PS5)

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio

Release Date: 9th Nov 2024 (USA) / 9th Nov 2024 (UK/EU)

While it doesn’t have a confirmed release date just yet, this list wouldn’t look right without God of War Ragnarok on it. The sequel to one of the PS4 generation’s greatest titles is still slated to release this year, and if it does indeed manage to, then it’s almost certainly in contention for a Game of the Year nominee. Building on the ludicrously strong foundations Kratos and Atreus put down in the 2018 title, Ragnarok is shaping up to be a PS5 masterpiece. The only question is: will we play it this year? Let’s hope so.

Gotham Knights (PS5)Gotham Knights (PS5)

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive / Developer: Warner Bros. Games Montreal

Release Date: 25th Oct 2024 (USA) / 25th Oct 2024 (UK/EU)

WB Games Montréal made a name for itself with Batman: Arkham Origins, but now it’s moving past the Caped Crusader to focus on the extended Bat Family. Gotham Knights is an open world action RPG starring Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood, with each hero bringing their own movesets, equipment, and abilities to the table. While you can play the whole thing solo, you can buddy up in co-op and tackle the mean streets of Gotham with a friend.

The Court of Owls threat is certainly an interesting one, and that Bruce Wayne is seemingly dead also adds some unique wrinkles to the game’s story. There’s plenty of potential here — let’s hope for another top-notch rain-slicked adventure over the rooftops.

Hogwarts Legacy (PS5)Hogwarts Legacy (PS5)

Publisher: Warner Bros / Developer: Avalanche Software

Release Date: Q4 2024 (USA) / Q4 2024 (UK/EU)

For a generation, this is more or less a dream game. Detached from the books and the movies, Hogwarts Legacy finally puts the magic academy front and centre. Set in the 1800s, your custom witch or wizard enrols in the school, attending lessons, exploring the castle grounds, and making friends. Though there will no doubt be some sort of mysterious threat to fight, we’re more excited about the day-to-day existence of a Hogwarts student.

Developing your magical abilities and using them to delve deeper into the school sounds wonderful, and the fact you get to check out surrounding locales like the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade is music to our ears. We cannot wait to roam the castle, get in trouble for being somewhere we shouldn’t, and scoff down some chocolate frogs.

Little Devil Inside (PS5)Little Devil Inside (PS5)

Developer: Neostream

Release Date: 2024 (USA) / 2024 (UK/EU)

Little Devil Inside has been in the works for what feels like an eternity. It’d be easy to write this one off, but every time we see it, we remember why it’s on our radar. This quirky adventure game has a distinctive, minimalist style, but more than that, it looks like a novel and interesting twist on what we know. You’ll fight mysterious monsters, take on quests from townsfolk, travel through dangerous territory, and cook and craft for survival. It’s all still a bit of an enigma, but that’s what’s most exciting — and what has been shown looks very promising.

Marvel's Midnight Suns (PS5)Marvel's Midnight Suns (PS5)

Publisher: 2K Games / Developer: Firaxis Games

Release Date: 7th Oct 2024 (USA) / 7th Oct 2024 (UK/EU)

Most superhero games are blockbuster action adventures that shoot for a cinematic quality, and while they’re often very good, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is doing something different. Developer Firaxis, famed for its pair of XCOM games, is putting a turn-based strategy spin on things, meaning you have control of not one hero, but a whole superpowered crew. Who you take into each mission will determine what abilities and attacks are at your disposal, so there should be plenty of variety in how to tackle each encounter.

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Outside of battles, you can explore the hub, build relationships with your favourite heroes, and further your journey to stop the evil Lilith. It’s not quite what people expect from a game centred on superheroes, but with the studio’s pedigree and a fresh approach, we’re very excited to play this.

Overwatch 2 (PS5)Overwatch 2 (PS5)

Publisher: Blizzard / Developer: Blizzard

Release Date: 4th Oct 2024 (USA) / 4th Oct 2024 (UK/EU)

Releasing into early access in October, Overwatch 2 looks a lot like its predecessor. The same characters, the same modes, the same maps. It’s more of that Blizzard Entertainment multiplayer action, which may put some people off if they were hoping for an overhaul. However, this new entry looks to be taking the shooter back to the top of the online circuit with renewed focus and commitments from the developer.

Persona 5 Royal (PS5)Persona 5 Royal (PS5)

Publisher: Atlus / Developer: Atlus

Release Date: 21st Oct 2024 (USA) / 21st Oct 2024 (UK/EU)

Persona 5 was voted our Game of the Year 2016, and it was then updated a few years later with further story content and a new character a few years later. As long as it may be, who could say no to another playthrough of one of the best JRPGs of all time? The jury’s out on what this new PS5 version will actually add — will there be a visual enhancement, improved frame rates, or PS5 DualSense controller support? We have no idea what Atlus has planned, but the core game remains a masterpiece. We’d be fools not to get at least a bit excited about it.

Rollerdrome (PS5)Rollerdrome (PS5)

Publisher: Private Division / Developer: Roll7

Release Date: 16th Aug 2024 (USA) / 16th Aug 2024 (UK/EU)

Developer Roll7 is really living up to its name this year because after putting out OlliOlli World in the first couple of months, its next project is only a few months out: Rollerdrome. This incredibly stylish title puts roller blades on your feet and guns in your hands as you ride about a skate park performing tricks and downing enemies. It all looks incredibly cool, and it’s only a handful of weeks out.

Saints Row (PS5)Saints Row (PS5)

Publisher: Deep Silver / Developer: Volition

Release Date: 23rd Aug 2024 (USA) / 23rd Aug 2024 (UK/EU)

While Saints Row has presented itself as a series reboot, this new instalment looks to be more of that wild, wacky open world action Volition is known for. With a full character customizer and antic-filled activities to complete, it’s shaping up to be more dumb fun. In between more serious titles, driving an ice cream truck and hitting gang leaders with dildos will seem like a breath of fresh air.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance (PS5)SD Gundam Battle Alliance (PS5)

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 25th Aug 2024 (USA) / 25th Aug 2024 (UK/EU)

Good Gundam games are very few and far between these days, so whenever a promising project like SD Gundam Battle Alliance comes along, fans start paying attention. This one’s shaping up to be a neat little action title, complete with a decent range of playable mobile suits. The only thing we’re unsure about is the overall scope of the game. How long’s the story mode? How replayable are the different missions? Is there a good reason to beef up your chosen suit? Hopefully, it all comes together in what should be a fun mech-’em-up.

Soul Hackers 2 (PS5)Soul Hackers 2 (PS5)

Publisher: Atlus / Developer: Atlus

Release Date: 24th Aug 2024 (USA) / 24th Aug 2024 (UK/EU)

As a sequel to a PS1 game from 1999 which was later ported to Nintendo 3DS in 2012, we can hardly sit here and say we’re all knowledged up on Soul Hackers 2. However, it’s an Atlus JRPG, and we like Atlus JRPGs. With a combat system that looks quite like Persona 5, this entry seems to focus more on combat rather than social skills and relationships. And that’s okay, because Atlus does stellar combat. We’re intrigued to learn more once it’s out in August.

Stray (PS5)Stray (PS5)

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive / Developer: Blue Twelve

Release Date: 19th Jul 2024 (USA) / 19th Jul 2024 (UK/EU)

Available On:

Sure, it’s only a couple of weeks away, but Stray has had us excited ever since that first reveal trailer. The thought of controlling an adorable cat through city streets was enough to get us onboard, but the world presented in this intriguing game adds a layer of mystery to proceedings. Why is the cat seemingly the only not-robotic thing in the city? What happened to the world and its mechanical denizens? What are those freaky little critters that chase you down? By gracefully leaping, scratching, and meowing through the adventure, hopefully we’ll discover the answers, and if nothing else, being a cute little feline looking for head scratches is enough for us.

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The Callisto Protocol (PS5)The Callisto Protocol (PS5)

Publisher: KRAFTON / Developer: Striking Distance Studios

Release Date: 2nd Dec 2024 (USA) / 2nd Dec 2024 (UK/EU)

Raise your hand if you’ve missed Dead Space. Actually, don’t: it might get caught in a piece of machinery that’ll slice it clean off. The Callisto Protocol is bringing the gore and all the vibes of the 2008 survival horror classic back to modern platforms — just a month before that original experience is remade for PS5 — in a big way, and hopefully it’ll land nicely. Gameplay footage so far has proved promising, so anyone missing Isaac Clarke should feel right at home with the series creator’s latest game.

The Last of Us: Part I (PS5)The Last of Us: Part I (PS5)

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Developer: Naughty Dog

Release Date: 2nd Sep 2024 (USA) / 2nd Sep 2024 (UK/EU)

Unnecessary remake? We doubt the debate is going to die down on that front. Regardless, Naughty Dog revisiting one of the greatest games ever made is cause for anticipation. Despite receiving a slew of Game of the Year awards, we’d still argue The Last of Us: Part II is underrated as a pure third-person shooter. With the Californian studio redesigning the gameplay of Joel and Ellie’s debut adventure to better match the sequel, we’re quietly confident the sceptics are going to come around on this project come September.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition (PS5)The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition (PS5)

Publisher: CD Projekt Red / Developer: CD Projekt Red

Release Date: 2024 (USA) / 2024 (UK/EU)

It feels like we’ve been waiting on this PS5 re-release for an age, but CD Project Red says that it’s finally happening near the end of the year — and why would we ever doubt the word of CDPR? Okay, so maybe there’s a fair chance of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition being hit with another delay, but assuming it does make 2024, there are plenty of reasons to be excited. Geralt’s last hurrah is still pretty much the best modern RPG that money can buy, and playing through it all over again — with enhanced performance and visuals — should be a pleasure. Dare we dream of some gameplay tweaks as well? We certainly wouldn’t say no!

Trails from Zero (PS4)Trails from Zero (PS4)

Publisher: NIS America / Developer: Nihon Falcom

Release Date: 27th Sep 2024 (USA) / 30th Sep 2024 (UK/EU)

Trails from Zero is widely considered to be one of the best instalments in Falcom’s storied The Legend of Heroes franchise, so it’s easy to stir up excitement for its long, long, long awaited official Western release. Fans of traditional Japanese RPGs simply can’t miss this one, as the developer’s character-driven storytelling skills combine with some of the most impressive world building you’ll find in the genre. The fractured city state of Crossbell awaits, and if you’re already familiar with Falcom’s work, then you know this one’s going to be special.

Tunic (PS5)Tunic (PS5)

Publisher: Finji / Developer: Andrew Shouldice

Release Date: 27th Sep 2024 (USA) / 27th Sep 2024 (UK/EU)

Look, Tunic released earlier in the year to glowing reviews, and we want in, okay? We want to be a little fox dude with a dinky sword. We want to unearth the mysteries of the land they explore, and slowly learn its enigmatic language. We want to solve all its puzzles and defeat all its bosses. There’s a reason this indie action game is among the highest rated games of 2024, and we’re so pleased it’s making the leap to PS5 and PS4 so we can discover why for ourselves.

Two Point Campus (PS5)Two Point Campus (PS5)

Publisher: SEGA / Developer: Two Point Studios

Release Date: 9th Aug 2024 (USA) / 9th Aug 2024 (UK/EU)

Having already cashed in on the nostalgia for Theme Hospital, developer Two Point Studios is breaking out and envisaging a world where Bullfrog didn’t fade away. Two Point Campus has the same spirit as those classic PS1 tycoon titles, but its academic theme brings fresh gameplay wrinkles to the format. If you’ve ever fallen in love with the likes of Theme Park or RollerCoaster Tycoon, this absolutely must be on your wishlist.

That’s a selection of the PS5, PS4 games we’re most excited about for the rest of 2024, but which ones are your personal picks? Select up to five games in the poll below, and then let us know which ones you chose in the comments.

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