How Did Jon Hill Die? YouTube Star Jaclyn Hill’s Ex-Husband’s Cause of Death Explained

YouTube star Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband Jon Hill, who was a renowned drummer, passed away this Wednesday. The beauty influencer announced the tragic news of his former partner’s passing via Instagram story the next day. Read on to know what happened to Jon Hill.

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Jaclyn Hill is a popular YouTuber and Influencer with over 7 million followers on Instagram. She is also a digital entrepreneur being the CEO of The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. The Internet celeb has come a long way from her days on the farm in Mineral, Illinois, her hometown.

Jon and Jaclyn were high school cuties who fell in love and got married. Their marriage lasted for around 9 years after which they went on separate paths while still being “Good Friends.” Now the Influencer has shared the tragic story of her ex-husband’s passing.

How Did Jon Hill Die?

Jon Hill passed away on Wednesday, August 10, 2024, as announced by her ex-wife Jaclyn Hill via an Instagram Story. He was only 33 years old. She posted a Story on Thursday, August 11, 2024, whereshe wrote, “I was asked by Jon’s family to post this next slide…”

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The next Story featured a slide with a message from Jon’s family. It read, “It is with profound remorse and sorrow that we must report that our beloved Andrew Jonathan Hill passed away on Aug. 10, 2024.”

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Jaclyn added that both she and the Hill family are “devastated by the sudden tragedy” and requested the fans respect their privacy during this “overly difficult time.”

In early 2024, Jon also went missing as reported by multiple media outlets. Now, the popular drummer and musician has shockingly passed away.

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What was the cause of Jon Hill’s untimely death?

Jon Hill died at the age of 33 years. At the time of writing, the specific cause of his death wasn’t revealed by the Hill family. However, social media users are speculating that his years of substance abuse played a role in his untimely passing.

In the past, Jon has been candid and vocal about his battle with drug addiction. In an interview with Billboard, Jon revealed that he started abusing drugs at the age of 17 years. His addiction got worse as years passed by.

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“I was at a bonfire when a friend asked me to try the prescription pills he was taking to manage the pain from his broken leg,” Jon said in the interview. “I remember when it hit me, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the best feeling I’ve ever had,” he added.

Jon and Jaclyn Tied Knot in 2009; Got Divorced in 2018

Jon and Jaclyn fell in love during their teenage years after being in the same high school. The loving couple got married in 2009. After nine years of marriage, Jaclyn announced that they would be going their separate ways in 2018 via Instagram.

She stated that they didn’t mesh as husband and wife but would “always make good friends.” It was revealed that Jon’s drug addiction took a toll on their relationship and led to their separation.

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In his interview with Billboard, Jon revealed that his drug abuse became the reason for his breakup with Jaclyn. “During our third year of marriage, it got to a point where I was having seizures because I was on so much stuff,” he said.

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“I started breaking out in hives. So it became noticeable that something was wrong.” Jon confirmed that eventually he got sober but Jaclyn had decided that she didn’t want to stay together and it was a shock for him.

“That was a huge shock to me,” he told Billboard. “We were married for nine years. For some reason, I was thinking about how amazing it would be to enjoy Christmas with her while being clean. She often said, ‘You don’t love me because you never want to do things with me.’ But it was because I kept having to hide [my addiction] from her all the time,” he stated.

“So coming home to see all my stuff gone and not knowing who she’s with, I was just devastated,” he added. “Within two months, I was back on drugs.”

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Jaclyn took to Instagram late last year to announce that she’s getting engaged to her boyfriend Jordan Farnum.

Jon Hill Struggled with Drug Addiction

Jon Hill struggled with drug addiction for a very long period. In January 2021, Jaclyn wrote a message on Twitter saying, “It’s so hard to be a ‘social media influencer’ and know when to talk about things and when not to.”

“But please send prayers to Jon Hill. He was my best friend starting at 15 years old. He has been open about his addiction and he needs your prayers,” she added.

Last month, Jaclyn revealed during an Instagram Live Q&A that Jon “has not been doing well for a very long time. He hasn’t had a phone in months & no one has contact with him.”

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Jon released his debut album “Rebirth” in January 2019

Jon released his debut music album “Rebirth” in January 2019 as a method to tell the world his life story after he went to rehab in hopes of getting clean in 2017.

“There’s a lot of misconception of me and how things went down with my divorce. Originally, I was ashamed of my addiction and I didn’t want anyone to know I went to rehab,” the late musician told Billboard in January 2019.

“So, this album is my realization that I can use music to help other people. That’s the best high you can ever feel. I’m blessed with a big following and if I can touch anyone with my story, that will keep me clean,” he added.

Jon explained that having a creative outlet, like writing songs and making music, helped him not only stay away from drugs but aided with the detox process as well. His debut album was a testament to his sobriety and a new beginning in life while helping him realize his full potential.

“The darker you get, the more purpose you’ll have once it’s over — as long as you get clean and want to get people,” he continued while giving advice to other people struggling with substance abuse.

Jon is not with us anymore. May God let the departed soul rest in peace. Our heart goes out to his family and loved ones in these tough times.

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